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Thread: April 5 Show Thoughts

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    April 5 Show Thoughts

    Since there isn't a thread for last nights show I thought I would start this one.

    I thought last night was awesome. I have been switching around with Jayron and Jason being my favourites and I think it is safe to say they are offically tied with me now. I would be thrilled beyond belief if they ended up being the final two.

    Justin I am still kind of iffy on him but I thought that he was amazing with the fiddle last night. As long as he does upbeat songs and keeps playing the instruments I can overlook his vocals, the area in which I think he is sorely lacking.

    Erika Jo, the last two weeks I have liked her but before that she was my least favorite.

    I would like all the guys to stay next week.
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    I was bummed that Jenny got the boot.

    Jayron is growing on me, and Jason is actually slipping in my order of preference. *ducks and hides from tossing of rotten tomatoes* I think I'm one of the lone few who like Erika Jo. She's fun and sassy.

    Jody is fun to watch, but I don't see him as a Nashville Star. I don't think he's bad, but just doesn't have the marketability that some of the others do.
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    I actually liked Anastasia's suggestion that Jody and Justin form a band.

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    My thoughts on the show

    This is the first time that I have posted on this thread, but I am an avid fan of Nashville Star and have watched all 3 seasons. (By the way Mariner I am also a west coaster)

    First of all I think that this group has a lot of talented singers and it is hard to say which one should go. I do have my favorites but I am trying to be unbiased when picking who should go.

    Here is what I think makes a good Nashville star:
    1. of course a singing voice
    2. stage presence

    3. play an instrument
    4. be able to write songs

    after saying that this is the order that I would put the remaining contestants
    1. Jason (all of the above)
    2. Ericka Jo (all of the above)
    3. Jayron (singing voice, play an instrument, write songs), I feel that he is
    lacking in stage presents
    Jody (plays an instrument, stage presents, but I think that he is weak in
    singing voice and song writing
    4. Justin (plays an instrument, writes songs but I think that he is weak in
    stage presence and song voice.

    I do think that the final 3 will be Jason, Ericka Jo and Jayron.
    I think that Jody is this years Matthew Lindahl, which I love and like both of their styles but I think that they needed to be more versatile.

    Justin can really play an instrument but thats about it. I don't think he can sing and he should wear something else besides T-shirts!

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    I was wondering if anyone is watching the show this year, there don't seem to be a lot of posts.

    I'm not as into it as I was the last two seasons. There is definitely some talent, but something is missing for me. I don't like LeeAnn Rimes as the host, she just grates on my last nerve. So does Cletus T.

    I'm surprised that Justin is still around. Based on his lack of singing talent and his foot-in-mouth statement about not giving 110%... Also, don't they have any stylists on this years show? The man needs a haircut and a shave, and he needs to lose the fake smile.

    Jayron I go back and forth on. Some weeks I like him, some he is just so so. This week was a so so week. I can't see him winning. He has said he really doesn't have experience on the stage, I think he really needs to get some before he becomes a "Nashville Star."

    Jason is good, but just isn't doing it for me. I normally like that type, but I just haven't connected with him.

    Erika Jo..I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up winning. They're talking about wanting a girl to win, and she does have a good voice and good stage presence. However, I find her too similar to a lot of the women out there now, nothing about her that stands out for me.

    Jody is unique, fun, and my personal favorite. I doubt he will win, which is unfortunate, since there's no one really like him on the country music scene right now (at least not that I've sen). He definitely has the rockability thing going on, and I think he could do other stuff as well. I think he just sticks to that style because he figures that's what the fans want.

    It will be interesting to see who finally wins it and how well they do afterward. There definitely isn't any "Buddy Jewel" in this bunch!

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    Who is going to win?

    I highly agree with mostly everyone's posts! This year's Nashville Star I don't feel has the level of talent that the past two years of the show had. Yes, I am a religious watcher! However, this year is still lots of fun. As long as they keep this a serious country talent search and not another American Idol.

    Let's do a run down on each remaining contestant! In the order that I think they will be eliminated.

    Next off Jody Evans... Unfortunately, I'm sorry, 'but Jody's on his way out. I like his music 'but it's just not what New Country is all about. So... bye bye Jody.

    Next off is either Jayron or Justin... Justin has all of a sudden started to "bring it" amazing that he is still on the show after his terrible first few performances. Someone else had posted that he was this year's Matt Lindalh. So true... 'but he really has stepped it up a notch and could really make it to the remaining three if he continues to pull rabbits out of his hat!
    As for Jayron... I'm surprised at how many people have posted that they like him. I think that he is kinda awkward on stage and that maybe Anastasia is right, that he should be in Christian music. He might find his calling there better. The only reason why I think that he is still around is because he is singing current popular songs... Bless the Broken Road, Lonestar, Keith Urban too??? Anyways, it's a good tactic to sing popular songs. Let's see him try something that not everyone knows and then we'll see if we still like him.

    Last off and into the final two... Jason Meadows. I like his music, he can sing 'but it's almost like he is the winner. He sings the style that country music is today for males. He also seems to be put together the way country males are today... Hat and all. I just wish his wife would make he wear pants that we don't all see his package in. At least his stopped humping the microphone!

    However, they are talking about a female winning this year and with Tamika voted off (what was that?) leaves our winner.

    Erika Jo... I like her! She's young, fun and energetic. She can sing and has stage presence. She does remind me of a well put together cheerleader/ pageant queen sometimes 'but there is something about her that I like. She 'brings it' every week! She fights for her position and she won't go down easy! Her style of music and singing is very much like today's younger female country stars. Carolyn Dawn Johnson/ Jessica Andrews ish... I think she has as good of a chance as any.

    Enjoy the rest of the show and we'll find out who the winner is soon enough!

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    I totally agree Jewel. The only two that I really like this year are Jason and Erika Jo. I think both of them have what it takes to be the next Nashville Star, but considering what you already said in wanting a female winner I will have to go with Erika! She definitely has stage presence and a good personality. I'd say Jayron is in a close third behind these two, and the rest far behind.
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    I just don't know what Justin is still doing in this show... I think the rest of these guys are out of his league and the fact that Jenny F. went before Justin is just wrong... He must have a huge family.

    I agree with you guys above me, for male winner I'm rooting for Jason all the way (I'm actually rooting for him to win this thing...) and for female, Erika Jo. (well, she's the only female left now, is'nt she...)

    Jody is good, but I think to enjoy Jody you need to have the entire package... i.e I would go to see him perform in a show, but I would not buy his CD. You need the dancing, the twisting, the whole package, I don't think that his voice alone will be enough for me to buy the cd. With Jason however, I probably will buy his cd, whether he wins this thing or not. (I did buy George Canyon's new cd, and it rocks! I've got it on repeat in my car for like the 3rd month in a row, lol, it just keeps getting better...)

    Anyway...glad to see there's still some life in here, this season is definitely a bit more dull than the previous ones have been. They really need to find a good host...one that can perk up the show...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewel
    Jason Meadows. I just wish his wife would make he wear pants that we don't all see his package in. At least his stopped humping the microphone!
    That was brutal but very funny.... and as much as I have enjoyed his music...

    I agree with the judge's when they ask Jason "what makes you any different from Tracy Byrd.. George Strait... etc." The answer is nothing. He is just like them... but alot shorter. Yet he is one of the better singers this season.

    For the life of me I don't understand how Justin is still in the show. I've already ranted earlier that he needs to wash that hair. And he is still a little snippy about the comment he made.

    But in all fairness about Justin's style. The only one that has not look like a reject from clown college is Jason Meadows. That last outfit Tamika wore before she was kicked off'd...was by far the worse...

    It amazes me what these "so-call" stylist think the country look is all about. I am beyond surprise that one of the girl singers have not marched out in stupid white fringe cowboy boots! But I can hold out hope that LeAnn will!

    I also like Erika... and was stunned she was able to pull off that last song she sang...that was a tough song and she did a great job with it.

    So my picks for the last three.... Erika... Jayron.. Jason. And if Erika keeps up with the good songs... I feel she has a real chance on winning the whole thing.

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    Hi, also delurking for the first time this season.

    My original preference for final three was Tamika, Jayron and Justin.

    I knew Tamika was doomed when she started looking older and older each week. She was styled more like Loretta Lynn and Reba (not that I don't like LL and Reba) than someone her real age. That, plus the Erica Jo thing pushed her right out the door. Domage (French for too bad)

    I'm a sucker for a good musician, and Justin impressed from the outset. I was hoping he'd pull a Brad Cotter and blow me away with original stuff. Unfortunately, Justin's got the image + attitude thing going on, too, and I don't see him making final 3. I still feel he has the potential to be the next generation's Charlie Daniels if he doesn't blow the exposure he's gotten.

    That leaves Jayron. I don't think there's anyone quite like him right now, big teddy bear of a young guy. Love his ballads, but I don't see him doing uptempo stuff as well, so that puts him in a "not very versatile" box.

    I admire Erika Jo's spunk and stage presence, but I don't think I'd buy her CD. Ditto for Jody. So that leaves me with Jason as my new final 3 choice. I'm just not sure if country music needs another pretty boy singing about his woman.

    In short, all of the remaining contestants have a downside for me. I'll still watch, but I'm just "not feelin' it" from this crop.

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