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Thread: 3/15 Show discussion **spoilers**

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    I hope so ... it's almost insulting to hear him say that he doesn't need to give his all, he's just happy to be voted through to the next round... Come on Justin... why should we give our vote to someone who is only in it 50%, if that.

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    i dont like the younger girls. I dont think there voices are up to par with the rest. Casey is probably the one i like the least. i dont like jayron, but the judges seemed to like him a lot and i think america will send him through. I dont like jody, but only cause i dont like that kind of music, he has a fine voice so shouldnt be voted out. I didnt hear justin for some reason so i didnt hear him say that, but if he did he should be gone cause he isnt there with the right attitude. I really really like the george straight guy and think he should go to the top. he already sounds like a professional.
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    I agree with you about Jayron... he can sing but he's definitely not a favorite of mine, I'm not sure why the judges are singing his praises so much.

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