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Thread: 3/8 Show Discussion **spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigrazhia
    I just really love the 100% through and through country music style, everything from the belt buckle, the stetson to the George Strait styling traditional country music tunes. Maybe I'm old fashion ...
    I think that's the little bit of trouble I'm having with him... kinda like how they say with Jody Evans, he is 'acting' too much like Elvis or whoever... but, I do like Jason.. got to meet his wife, if you see the show again(Thursday?), watch at the end of his song, she was surprised when the camera got soooooo close to her face! Jenny's mom was sweet also, I think if I make it back to another taping, the more family I meet of the contestants, the harder it will be to decide who I like best!

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    Okay, so, good eppy again. I love when one of my "bottom tier" is eliminated. It makes me feel right. I love being right!

    I would have rather it been Ronald McDonald first, but anyway.

    Leanne seems too either need more or less scripting, I can't decide which. I thought she was going to be great, but she seems uncomfortable. She either needs the loosey-goosey ad lib deal, or say this, memorize it sort of deal.
    Maybe she needs more than two episodes to warm up though.

    I loved Tamika and Jason again. So glad Jenny got to sing, she was really good! Justin fell a little in my rankings, and Erika Jo rose a little, but I definitely hope Christy gets the axe next week.
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    I agree...I do think LeAnn is better than Nancy O'Dell was, but I agree that she needs to loosen up a little... probably needs a little LESS script and a little more improvisation maybe. Then again, she may not be used to being a host so it'll take awhile to get used to it.

    I definitely agree about Jody Evans, he was too much Elvis. I even thought so before anyone said it, he even had the "lip curl" going and everything... it's a talent show, not an Elvis impersonation show But I do like Jody, I hope he can find his own style somewhere inbetween there...

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    Nooo, bring back Nancy O'Dell. LeeAnn is talking way too much. Just announce who's next and move off stage sweety and we'll get along just fine.

    My favorite this week is Erika Jo, but it's because I LOVE that song.

    Tigrazhia George's first single was released not too long ago and it's pertty darn good! But what happened to Brad Kotterer?

    I'm excited about the idea a woman may win this contest this year. A lot of good female talent!

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    Off topic:

    Tigrazhia George's first single was released not too long ago and it's pertty darn good! But what happened to Brad Kotterer?
    I bought George Canyon's CD at WalMart and it's fantastic! I love it & play it in my car all the time. It's a pretty new cd, came out last year before Christmas and if any of you has his old cd, this new cd has all new songs. I recommend it for all GC fans out there

    I've wondered what happened to Brad Cotter myself, after Buddy Jewell won NS1 he was on the radio all the time, day and night, and he still is and I haven't really heard much of Brad.

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