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Thread: Nashville Star: Premiere Recap- "Big Hair, Big Buckles And A Lot Of Singin"

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    Where are the Vegas odds?
    Are they online anywhere?

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    It was done tongue in cheek. I was just joking around.
    You got to cry without weeping. Talk without speaking. Scream without raising your voice.- U2

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    You never know, they have odds for all kinds of dumb things online.
    I find the AI ones amusing.

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    They probably DO have a Nashville Star odds somewhere... they bet on anything!

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    You are recapping my very favorite show! Thank you for a great job, it was like re-watching the show all over again.
    These were a few of my favorites, you had me rolling :

    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    Cledus T. Judd is our eyes and ears to all that happens backstage. We learn that the contestants will be staying at the Gaylord Opryland Resort with a five star view and world renown food. Or…maybe not. More on that later….

    On stage, Jason captures the crowd. Complete with off centered Stetson, tight jeans and a hubcap doubling as a buckle, Jason does a great job singing Workin Mans Blues.

    So, in between homework backstage and applying sheets of make-up, Erika takes the stage and sings Break Down Here…superbly by the way. She is eons beyond her years and the judges agree as well.
    I look forward to reading all the recaps by both of you!!

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    This season of Nashville Star looks like a beauty and it’s going to take two of us recappers to tame this bronco.

    This policeman definitely has his own style and he models it after the older generation of singers in the likes of Buddy Holly and oddly enough, Roscoe P. Coltrane.

    Josh Owen has been singing since he was two years old. He looks about five so he still has a ways to go.

    But what we didn’t know was that lunch was enroute through her vocal chords and in an instant, Jenny apologizes, makes the gag me with a spoon sign ala Moon Unit Zappa and runs offstage.

    Great job, speedy

    I look forward to reading what you and Mariner have to say each week.
    Sounds like this will be a good season

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