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Thread: Show thread 3/1 **spoilers**

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    I don't know that she's as "all around" talented and "well rounded" as the Nashville Star contenders are, but then again on AI they don't really get to showcase much other talents than singing, so who knows... Does anybody know if she plays instruments and writes songs on her own? If she does, then yes, I believe she would definitely be a good competitor for Nashville Star.

    I'm also rooting for her on AI, it's about time they got a good country singer in there (Joshua Gracin didn't quite know what he was at the time he was there, and also I think Carrie is much much much better than he was)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigrazhia
    Nobody really stood out to me as terribly bad, and there's usually a couple I pick right away that I think really shouldn't be there I think it'll be a good competition this season.
    I agree, but I would also have to add that nobody stood out to me as WOW, as has been the case in the previous two season. After the first show in the last two years, I already had favorites and was on the phone voting. This year, I've already forgotten most of the performances and I couldn't match a name with a face. I'm hoping that will change after tonight...otherwise, it's going to be a very disappointing season for me.

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