This was on the main Nashville Star board and I wanted to post it over here just in case someone checks here instead of there. This one tends to not be quite as busy and a lot nicer! Only putting the link to get her information so that once it's returned she can take her contact info offline to avoid spamming. (She has already contacted the complex and USA) Thanks for any help!

If you attended the 4/24 live taping of Nashville Star will you please check to make sure you have the right camera. When we checked our camera at the door before the show they must have mixed them up as my friend was given the incorrect camera. Same brand but an older version and her camera in turn was given to someone else. It really isn't even the camera that she wants back (though it would be nice) but it is the film. We took lots of neat pictures that day and would like them for our scrapbook. Please if you know anything or find that you have the incorrect camera let me know. The camera is a Vivitar all silver with zoom lens. And the date on the back of the camera is the actual current date. Find contact info: