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Thread: Update on Final Two

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    Update on Final Two

    This morning on the local radio station they played Brad's single "I Mean't to". They also had the audience call in and give there or . The results were

    News on George Canyon, George and his wife are selling their home in Novia Scotia and moving to Nasville. He has signed a new agent (of which I have forgotten his name) but it is also Garth Brooks agent.

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    Wooo hoo! Good for George! That's fantastic.

    I heard Brad's single played on KNIX this morning as well. Sounded great. All the dj's loved it, one even saying that although she has never voted for any contestant in either Nashville Star or American Idol, she did vote for Brad last weekend. I then heard on that same station this afternoon, that Brad is going to be on "Tim & Willy In The Morning" (the morning show for KNIX) tomorrow morning. I'll certainly be listening in!

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    I haven't heard Brad's single on the radio at all...Haven't heard a thing about him since The show Saturday. Course, I live in Ohio.

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    Try calling your local country station and requesting it. I'm sure they've received a copy.

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    Actually I sent in an email request to a DJ friend in another state this afternoon and asked him if it would count on their number of requests received and they hadn't gotten it yet!

    They did play it here tonight on 98 WSIX and they were supposed to have an interview with Brad but I haven't heard it yet. He was supposed to be on a live call-in. I'm assuming that they may repeat it.

    George is being managed by Bob Doyle. Aw shoot, I'll just make it easy and post the whole thing!
    ______________________________ __________

    George says it's tops to be second fiddle
    Brad Schmitt - Tennessean news

    So how does Canadian crooner George Canyon, the widely perceived favorite on Nashville Star, feel about Brad Cotter's surprise win Saturday night?

    Not so surprised. George had been telling Brad for weeks that he'd be the winner.

    George also told me yesterday that he's not at all upset: His managers and lawyer have been telling him a second-place finish is best. It gives him needed visibility to get a deal and the chance to take his time making his first album. The first Nashville Star winner cranked out an album within weeks of the win.

    George feels pretty good about his chances at success. His managers are Garth Brooks' longtime manager, Bob Doyle, and rock-pop manager Rory Daigle.

    In fact, George feels good enough about succeeding here that he'll move his wife and kids, and their horses, down to the Nashville area when he comes off the Nashville Star tour this summer.

    ''I'm gonna be fine,'' George said. ''I feel really good.''

    The first door George hopes to knock on is Sony Music Nashville, in part because Nashville Star winners are there and in part because he loves (professionally speaking) Star judge/Sony executive Tracy Gershon.

    Stay tuned.

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    They are playing George's song "A Good Day to Ride" on the country music radio stations here in Canada. Brad and George both are great and both deserving of any record deals they get.

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    They are playing George's song "A Good Day to Ride" on the country music radio stations here in Canada. Brad and George both are great and both deserving of any record deals they get.
    REALLY?! Fantastic! Crud... I wish I could hear it here as well. Can't wait to listen to it.

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    Can't wait to hear George on the stations here, I'm so happy he's got a great manager. Any manager of Garth Brooks can't be anything but superb so I'm thinking George is in for a nice ride for the next years!

    (For the record, Bob Doyle is the name of the manager :-))

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    I love how the 2nd place finisher always says they are happy they didn't win. Yeah, right! "I'm happy not as many people voted for me as voted for that other guy, now I have all kinds of opportunities while all he has is a record deal!!"

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