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Thread: 4/24 episode **spoilers**

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    Voted several times for Brad.
    Brent was my fave, but Brad is good. I'll be mad if Matthew wins!
    George is alright, I just prefer Brad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pidge
    Voted several times for Brad.
    Brent was my fave, but Brad is good. I'll be mad if Matthew wins!
    George is alright, I just prefer Brad.

    Then please vote for Brad as many times as you can. They say they are not limiting phone votes and I have voted a number of times online with no reached your limit warning. So vote Brad as long as you can till time expires. Going back to vote more now.

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    I'm stunned that Matt beat Lance. That is so, so wrong! Who are these people voting for Matt and can you please stop?

    Lance had been growing on me the last few weeks and he did not deserve to lose to Goober McOveralls.

    Go Brad! I hope they haven't yet posted ALL the tour dates on the NS website, because my state is not on it and I really think I need to go see these boys in person.

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    I'm crossing over to a different genre here, this is probably the third time I've watched to the show and am starting to get hooked (it figures, with the last couple episodes). I absolutely thought George was awesome! I hope he wins!
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    Say, do Canadians get to vote?
    "Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake." -- Henry David Thoreau

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirlittan
    The first time I watched this show, and I regret I haven't watched it before. Here is what I thought so far:

    Matt Lindahl was funny, but I don't think he can win this. To me he was more like a singing stand up comic (in his first performance of the night anyway). He probably would be fun to watch on stage/TV live, but I am not sure about selling bunch of CD's.

    George Canyon was very good, that was country

    Brad was very good, but I didn't think he was "country" enough. Surely there are different styles of country, and he is very good at what he does, but George just seems a better fit to be a country star.

    I agree with everything you said. Except that I'm beginning to think Matt could win..just based on the fact that he's still here and better singers are long gone.

    I was very depressed when they called Matt's name...because I knew that meant Lance was out. I knew he'd grown on me, I didn't realize how much until I knew he was out (once they called Matt, it was a no-brainer who was going).

    I'm sure Brad will win. he sounds exactly like the bland, blah stuff that passes for country these days. He has a nice voice, but he bores me, so much so that I got up and checked for the cat while he was singing.

    My votes went to George. He has a gorgeous, country voice...not pop/rock masquerading as country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masai & Pygmie
    Say, do Canadians get to vote?
    Well they can definitely vote online...

    Don't know about via phone tho... if they can, it probably won't be free for them, but not sure if they can vote by phone at all.

    I voted for George several times, and although I like Brad too, I really hope George becomes out next Nashville Star

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    It took me a while to get all my votes through last night. The phone was very busy and I think that is a good sign.
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    I voted for George, but I could also live with Matt winning. Brad is too middle of the road pop.

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    I'm favoring Brad, primarily on his songwriting. I think he'd turn out some awesome things once he's let loose at Sony.

    Although I suspect it will be unlikely, it would be a hoot (grin) if Matt won, if just to see the expression on Tracie's face!

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