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Thread: LeAnn Rimes to perform on the finale 05/01

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    Quote Originally Posted by djbee
    By the way, what was up with Leann last night? Was she drunk or stoned or something?
    I was kind of wondering the same thing...I love her, and I love that song, but the way she was singing the "how do I, how do I" part was annoying.

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    did you all noticed while she was singing the last part of that song, it was like she missed her cue to come in.. and it was like she was ad libbing. I never cared for her, and I always like Trish Yearwood's version of the song anyways. And pleaseeeee someone teach these people how to dress.. Lee Ann's outfit was pitiful

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    I just checked John Arhur's website and the other CD's that were on there last year are no longer on there for sale. He has two website's going now. The first was the one that he had when on NS1. The latter seems to be the one with more information.

    I noticed on the big screen that she seemed to be singing "ah do a, ah do a" or something like that instead of "how do I." Couldn't figure that out. It sounded really good in the theater though. But the outfits were awful. She's got a great shape, and then she puts things like that on!

    I also agree with CB, I wish I'd found this board a lot sooner too. Everyone here is so much nicer!

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    I noticed when she forgot the words there at the end. It seemed like she didnt feel good or she was in some sort of daze. Not enjoyable to watch at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djbee
    Just wait til you hear john Arthur's CD- you'll be glad you went with him last year. Great CD, very original. He wrote everything on there but one song- and thats a great bilingual version of "Amarillo By Morning"

    George will get a deal, and he'll have the ability to pick and choose a label that's a good fit and believes in his music. #2 is not all that bad.
    I have john Arthur's CD pre-ordered, can't wait to get it. I saw him on CRL singing Amarillo by Morning...just awesome.

    Right...it may be a little longer to wait for George's CD, but he will have one. Hopefully, we'll be hearing more from Lance as well

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    jAm still has 3 of his indie CD's for sale on his web site. Click the TOP tab where it says "store" at www.johnarthurmartinez.net

    My favorite of his indies in "Amor!Amor!" but most folks like "Stand Your Ground" best.

    The new CD is wonderful- wish I'd seen him on CRL

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