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Thread: Vote one person OUT for April 17th..

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    Vote one person OUT for April 17th..

    Hey ya'll!!!

    I want to know who will get the boot for April the 17th. This time, it will be one person who you don't want to move on the next round.

    My strategic move is I'm putting Lance Miller out of the competition. The reason is "Beer's not just for Breakfast" is getting on my nerves . He will get his butt's kick off next week.
    After that, then it's Matt Lindahl's turn to get booted out April 24th.

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    My pick to go next week is Lance. He survived a close call this week and stands out the least of the final 5. In a potential upset, it could be Jennifer, who had an off-night, but being the last girl standing should keep her safe. I'm rooting for my 4 faves make the final 4: Brad, George, Jennifer, and Matt. America's voting has been on point all along, and I expect them to get it right again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allmychildren
    Hey ya'll!!!I want to know who will get the boot for April the 17th. This time, it will be one person who you don't want to move on the next round.
    I am still not a fan of Jennifer or George. So you can assume I will not be voting for either.

    I really liked Brad, Matt & Lance tonight... but I am still voting for Brad out of the ones left. Matt would be my second choice cause he is unique. And that song he was doing on IMUS was great and I would have like to heard all of it. Plus he makes things interesting since he is not trying to sell the whole slicked up cowboy look... those over-all's just crack me up! I would not be surprise if he isn't opening for one of Sony's big country acts after this is all over with... he may not win... but I see him on the road with a top act this summer... such as Billy Greenwood predicted.

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    It was a great night last night! My pick to go home next week would be Lance. He's just not comfortable on stage. He writes good songs, he just doesn't have that performance piece that I think the next Nashville Star needs.

    Matt always looks like he's having the time of his life when performing. I don't think he'll ever have to wash cars or pick apples again. He's an entertainer. He'll have lots of opportunities. Not sure he's the next Nashville Star though. (although my entire family was screaming with laughter when he broke the washboard)

    Jennifer had a rough night- southern rock is really not her thing, then of course she had to deal with the sound problem. She got through it and did an adequate job. I think it's enough to buy her another week.

    Brad and George were the best again this week. I think Brad did a more believeable southern rock interpretation, but George would be my pick if I were forced to choose between them. His voice just seems limitless. I was also impressed with George's Imus clip.

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    Lance needs to go. He needed to go last night and even before. I can't stand his nasal singing.
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    Jennifer. She sounds way too much like Dolly and her performance last night didn't do anything to get me excited about buying her record.

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    I predict it will be Lance going, he just doesnt seem as comfortable as the rest of them performing. Love Matt but dont see him as the next Nashville Star. We are pulling for Brad but all that are left are fabulous.

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    buh-bye Lance. Next week is really going to be tough. I really like everyone who is left. Matt is still my fave, but he may not have the voice to make it to the final. Not sure he's what they are looking for in a 'Nashville Star', and that may be too bad considering country music could use someone so different as him to shake things up.
    But there HAS to be a place for him in this business. He's just too fun to watch to not to be making and playing music for us to enjoy. Plus, I think he's the most likeable and best performer. LOVE that washboard.

    I think it's George's to lose, but if I can't have Matt, then I'm rooting for Brad. Really liked him this week.
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    Next to go...

    I really, really enjoyed the show last night. But! I cannot understand why they would have a group like "Lynyrd Skynyrd" performing on it. I think the definition of "Country Music" these days is confusing and that is why the record sales are down. I don't see why they would judge someone on whether they could do a southern-rock song good or not on a show called, "Nashville Star." Again, I know a lot of what is out there these days sounds like pop or rock..but...this is just my opinion. Last night was the first night I actually liked Matt. I do think he has the most unique sound and style...Nashville Star material..probably not...I like Jennifer's style and sound okay, but I cannot get over her "cutesy-Look-at-me" thing. That turns me off about her. It sounds like most of you don't like Lance, but I do. I like his voice a lot...again, what country should be sounding like.....I have picked him from the beginning. I do agree, though, that he doesn't look very comfortable performing. And he acts like he is way older than he is..ha.ha. But, I still like him, and I hope he doesn't get kicked off next week. I think overall, Brad has the best voice..but I don't like his attitude. He thinks he is IT!!! Anyway, sorry I rambled, but enjoyed the show last night, and the Imus thing...great. Cracked me up. Talking about throwing them into some situations weekly!
    My choice to go next week: Jennifer Hicks

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    Probably Lance ..... or perhaps Jennifer.

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