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Thread: Vote one person OUT for April 17th..

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    Quote Originally Posted by saabstress
    I think the definition of "Country Music" these days is confusing and that is why the record sales are down.
    Record sales are down because what is defined as country music these days is boring in the extreme.

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    A lot of country music these days is just stupid. Stupid and boring. No heart, no soul, no sense of connectedness to real beliefs and feelings. I tried to listen to a clear channel country station today. I turned it off after 4 songs and went back to my CD collection. It was painful to listen to. The voices were good- perhaps a little fake. The production was OK- maybe too overdone and pop sounding. Put the heart and real connectedness back in country and you'd see improved sales- I think.

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    My pick for next to go is Jennifer. In fact, I'm praying for it.

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    You got it..djbee...

    Everything sounds the same...all the voices, all the music, blah, blah, blah..I guess that is why I like Lance Miller's voice. Reminds me of the days when my mom use to play the Merle Haggard records all day. Now there's an unforgettable sound.

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    my choice to go

    I am not a Brad fanatic so I hope he goes,
    second choice would be lance who would have been a hit 20 years ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by allmychildren
    I want to know who will get the boot for April the 17th. This time, it will be one person who you don't want to move on the next round.
    Just to clarify... When we call in, we should call the number of the person we want to kick off, correct? I wonder why they are changing the voting format mid-stream. Don't you think that some people won't catch the voting change, and will actually vote for their favorite again?

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    ?? Where did that come from ??

    From the Nashville Star website:
    We'll again br LIVE from the BellSouth Acuff Theatre as one more finalist is eliminated and the four remaining contestants sing duets with this week's special guest stars, Terri Clark and Trace Adkins! At the end of the hour, America will once again be asked to vote for their favorite performer of the evening. Don't miss it, this Saturday night at 10/9C, only on USA Network! Visit the Episode Overview page for a complete look at what's ahead.

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    I think its Lances turn to go bye bye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djbee
    It was a great night last night! My pick to go home next week would be Lance. He's just not comfortable on stage. He writes good songs, he just doesn't have that performance piece that I think the next Nashville Star needs.

    Matt always looks like he's having the time of his life when performing. I don't think he'll ever have to wash cars or pick apples again. He's an entertainer. He'll have lots of opportunities. Not sure he's the next Nashville Star though. (although my entire family was screaming with laughter when he broke the washboard)

    Jennifer had a rough night- southern rock is really not her thing, then of course she had to deal with the sound problem. She got through it and did an adequate job. I think it's enough to buy her another week.

    Brad and George were the best again this week. I think Brad did a more believeable southern rock interpretation, but George would be my pick if I were forced to choose between them. His voice just seems limitless. I was also impressed with George's Imus clip.

    I too like Matt but his sang off key too many times during his performance ... too bad... though he's funny and has so much talent... Yes he won't have to worry about washing cars anymore....too bad he just couldn't keep in tune .... I noticed that even the previous week that he had gone flat several times.....

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    Well, I hope it's not Lance. My pick for this week is Jennifer.

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