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Thread: Who gets booted out April 10th?

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    Quote Originally Posted by allmychildren
    The reason Misty8723 is I want all the men go, and I want to see Jennifer Hicks won as title of Nashville Star. I'm pulling for Jennifer, and I love to see Jennifer as the first female winner of Nashville Star. And YES!!! Jennifer is the only female I'm pulling for.
    She might just pull it off. I liked her a lot the first two weeks, then she had some very weak performances (IMO). But last Saturday was a good one for her. I like the fact that the "divas" were voted off and Jennifer is still here

    There really isn't anyone this year that I feel the same way as I did about john Arthur and Buddy (or anyone I want voted off the way I wanted Brandi voted off) so I think I'll be pretty okay with whoever of the remaining 6 wins.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see them all get some interest from the recording companies (even if it isn't Sony).

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    I think that Lance was the least rememerable act this time... I think he may be the next to go. I was really rooting for Lance this time since he did so well last time when they sang their own songs, but when it's back to singing someone else's songs, it seems he kinda doesn't sing with the same passion as he does when performing his own stuff....

    If Lance isn't the next one to go, then Brent will probably be it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djbee
    George has an amazing voice. I loved his Seven Spanish Angels. He is just missing that spark, that special "something" that allows him to connect with the audience. His voice may just be good enough that he can overcome the lack of connection.

    Brad has some connection, but something about him doesn't seem genuine, or real. Maybe he's been in Nashville too long to have that "real" quality.
    I never got this fascination with him, personally. He seems to be "acting" like a country star more than actually being one.

    Brent is gone this week if the votes are based upon last week's performances with Lance being a close 2nd.

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    I think Matt should be the next to go. If you close your eyes and listen to the performers, he clearly does not have what it takes to sell CD's. I have noticed a lot of you have picked Brent and I hope you are badly mistaken. His performance has been solid every night. I couldn't even imagine what was going through his mind last week while he was singing, yet he gave an awesome performance. Bottom line I think Matt will be next, with the outside chance it may be Lance.

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