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Thread: HELP Does anyone have the number???

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    HELP Does anyone have the number???

    I didnt write the numbers down and was going to get them off the USA website for Nashville Star but can't seem to bring it up. Does anyone have the numbers for the contestants?????

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    Here are the numbers from the website:

    George Canyon "The Long Goodbye" 1-866-978-2706

    Brad Cotter "Let Your Love Flow" 1-866-978-2703

    Jennifer Hicks "Rose Garden" 1-866-978-2705

    Brent Keith "Lovin' All Night" 1-866-978-2709

    Matthew Lindahl "One Woman Man" 1-866-978-2702

    Sheila Marshall "My Baby Loves Me" 1-866-978-2701

    Lance Miller "That's the Way Love Goes" 1-866-978-2708

    Marty Slayton "Let Me Let Go" 1-866-978-2704

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