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Thread: First Impressions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kismet
    How do you guys remember their names!!?? I watched the show once and have forgotten names/faces already.
    Kismet, you You should be able to click on the Nashville Star belt buckle on this thread to get to the website! There is a section that has the names & pictures of the 20 contestants.
    When I was on there yesterday it indicated the 5 that were eliminated, but the pictures of them are still there along with a brief bio on each. ENJOY

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    I like Shelia, her voice is as beautiful as her appearance, the judges seem to be a little harsh on her, they compare her with Martina McBride, saying her voice is too strong and has too much rock element, but that is what I like about the new country music which is upbeat and delightful, some of the old country song is just too soggy and sad to me, go Shelia!!!

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