Since this topic has grown cold by now , I would still like to add my ten cents worth, especially since I just saw the Nashville Tour group in person, last night.
Boy, it is really different to see them on the road as in TV.
I will recap the show.
First the whole group came on and sang together; Lance, George, Matt and Brad. The staging was good, right out of the TV set. The back up band was fantastic.

LANCE came on first; I was REALLY surprised as he was great and a real Country Western star. If I were to vote all over again, I think I just might have voted for Lance. He sang every song from the heart, was so professional, gave it everything he had. People were impressed and gave him a standing ovation. He has me in his pocket right now!!!

MATT came on next, and what an entertainer. I was blown away by his vocal range and the fact that he really could sing!!! Of course he had his washtub and also played the guitar. He was funny, entertaining and everyone just loved him. There were a lot of red caps in the audience. I wish someone would grab this guy for a TV series.

GEORGE was next and while he looked like a typical cowboy and sang typical songs, somehow his personality did not get to me. Very mellow, almost too mellow. I have a feeling he might not make it. He was likable and pleasant to listen to.

BRAD came on to a lot of screaming girls (women) He is a real cutie pie. And I think he is a real good talent because he writes his own music, which is excellent, can play mulitple insturments and sings well. He had everyone rocking and a rolling. I have a feeling he is a bit of a cross over and could go any way; into country or pop rock. I think he disappointed some real Country Western fans, not enough country, too much rock and roll. But I enjoyed what he did.

If I could vote all over again, I think I would be tempted to vote for Lance Miller . He has it all. Maybe not in the good looks department, but hey, we are wanting some good Country Western mussic and I think Lance Miller can do just that.