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Thread: Richie Jones

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    First of all, I've never seen a single episode of this show until I stumbled upon it last week and apparently it was the first episode of season 2. Funny thing, I listen sometimes to country music (I'll listen to anything but Rap), and I've heard of Buddy Jewel (sp?) and really like his Southern Comfort song, but didn't know he got his big break on this show. So anyway, back to my impressions - I usually like the artist you can barely call country, but I think there was something wrong with the judges when they eliminated this Richie Jones guy. He had everything going for him in terms of a country star. He was vocally strong, had a great song, and had the look and performance down. He was much stronger than not only some of the females, but also some of the other males, who made it to the next round. So why is Nashville always crying that it's getting away from its country roots? Because people like Richie aren't given the credit they deserve. Don't worry folks, we haven't heard the last of Richie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene
    So why is Nashville always crying that it's getting away from its country roots?
    Because the radio stations will only play a few select performers/songs and then only if it can be a cross-over hit (or so it seems). Apparently, it's all about what they figure they can sell. I despise what country has become, so much so that I almost exclusively listen to oldies anymore. It's too bad. I think there really is a market for traditional country, but try to get radio to play anyone that isn't a Tim McGraw or Faith Hill clone.

    And as for Gregory Delang being dated? Give me a break. Get somebody up there who's a little different and you start calling them dated? Not that I think she should have won, but I think there were definitely worse performances than hers Saturday.

    Oh - did I mention - don't get me started on the ruination of country music.

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    You'll be happy to know......

    This word on the street is that Richie is being courted by 3 different major labels right now. He's apparently been offered one by Dreamworks and has two more coming from 2 other lables. He was in Nashivlle for the last taping (3/27) and if you watch he was sitting in front of George Canyon's family. He even got a little TV time toward the end. His Cd's are selling like hotcakes and he's gotten tremendous feedback. Tracy Gershon even said they made a HUGE mistake on the Nashville Star website. Go Richie!

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    I was sooo happy to see Richie in the audience last Saturday, he looked great! !
    I have ordered his CD, am waiting for it to arrive.
    I had heard that he has been talking with some record labels in Nashville, I sure hope this will work out for him. His website also indicates that some big news will be announced soon. Go Richie

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