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Thread: Brad Cotter

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    Brad Cotter

    Hi Guys and Gals

    Just found this thread and sooooo happy to see there is a thread for my NOW fav. star Brad Cotter.

    Fell for him right at the start and then when he sang "I Meant To" , I went right over the edge.

    He can wear a fringe beard, a mustache, a pony tail or whatever, it is that voice and that smile!!!!!!
    I hope his promoters do a good job of getting him waht he deserves. Someone with such a pure voice, a talent for writing lyrics and music and also playing insturments has got to make it to the top.

    He is coming to Florida next month, the Tour Group, and I have tickets and can hardly wait. I hope they allow cameras inside as I want some pictures.

    I also like Matt, he makes me smile and that is good.

    George is George, a real nice family man, looks like a cowboy, sings like a cowboy but is not unique, not like our Brad.

    I could go on but now I am rambling!!!

    Talk to you later, now that I have found you.


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    Just saw on CMT.com that Brad's video will debut on Thursday. 6/24.

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    FORT Fogey FireStorm's Avatar
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    I saw Brad's new video last night. I don't really get it. It's not that great, IMO.
    Brad certainly LOOKS great though. I really like his new haircut, I figured they'd give him a 'mini-makeover'......Lookin' Good!

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    I saw the Nashville Star Tour last night and it was GREAT.
    Brad Cotter got a standing ovation. He sang, played the guitar and his little piano. He was very low keyed but his music stands alone.
    I was elated that I actually saw and heard him in person.
    The others; Lance, Mat and George were all good.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Link Here

    Adobe signs 'Nashville Star' winner
    Nashville Business Journal - 2:55 PM CST Monday

    Brad Cotter, "Nashville Star" winner in season two, is kicking off the lineup on new music label Adobe Road Records.

    Alabama native Cotter almost lost the title of the country music TV competition, when he had to relinquish his position. Fans voted to return him to the contest and he went on to become the "Nashville Star" in 2004.

    Over the past two years, Cotter has been writing songs, polishing his repertoire and performing full-band and acoustic shows on tour.

    Nashville-based Adobe Road Records is headed by Gary Cotton, who has had a musical career of his own, with his songs recorded by more than 100 performers, including country artists Alan Jackson, Restless Heart, Tracy Byrd and Rebecca Lynn Howard and rock artist Bonnie Bramlett. He also has experience as a studio player, vocalist and producer.
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    I'd almost forgotten about him...never liked him much, but I was really surprised when he just dropped off the face of the earth after winning the competition.
    *Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes*

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