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Thread: Brad Cotter

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadian_bunny
    Welcome to the forum kksiff. I like it where there is no negativity, and everyone agrees that we all have our own personal opinions, some differ, but at least respect each others input. I loved this years Nashville Star and last years was great, but I have to say, this season was better. More talented singers and everyone of them were very courteous to each other. No one getting mad or crying because they were eliminated or anything. I do like this show much better than AI.. I honestly think that show should be eliminated. Just too much controversy going on for me.
    I think I liked Nashville Star 1 better than 2. I agree the overall talent on NS2 was probably better, and there were no whiney brats on this one. However, no one on NS2 grabbed my attention like john Arthur martinez (and later in the competition, Buddy). The final 3 last year were all favorites, and I wouldn't have been upset whoever won. I was happy it came down to Buddy and jAm, and either one would have been great. I didn't really feel that way this year about the top 2 and 3. Last year's final show was very emotional, this year's was just blah.

    I do agree with you about AI, but I think they like the controversy to get people watching and voting so they can say, we got xxxx millions of votes. What I didn't like was all the hate directed at one of the contestants by the judges and the media. He definitely did not deserve that kind of treatment. The talent on AI also does not compare to NS, IMO.

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    Review of john Arthurs new CD. There's also a new interview there. jA's new CD, "Lone Starry Night" is out as of this last Tuesday- check your local Wal Mart, K Mart or Target- as well as the chain record/book stores. Amazon.com has it and there are more reviews there.

    I agree, Misty - last year had more emotion and excitement. This year no one matched Buddy and jAm.

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    link to the interview mentioned above


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    newbie here

    I just found this forum...I was hooked on NS2 since the first show. I couldn't believe Brad didn't make the first 10 and made sure I voted right away to get him back. At first I favored George but it didn't take long for Brad to be my number one choice. I ordered his demo CD and I love it! My question is does anyone know what version of I Meant To is on the internet? I don't want to waste my time if it's the same as the demo CD...I also have Lance's CD and it's excellent. I thought he would stay and Matt would go-that was a shock! Matt reminds me of Jim Varney...he should do a variety show like Tracy said and he does have a website and CD. George is also good-I just wish his CD wasn't so expensive to order from Canada. Wish they would do a NS2 CD with one from all the 11 finalists! I am hoping I get to go see the final four tour-it's listed to be only 4 hours away from me if I stay here in NM long enough. Maybe Nashville should wake up and see what kind of music the people want...I got burnt out on the cookie cutter sound and I detest what they do to some of the singers. I hope they leave Brad just like he is!

    dancing in the land of enchantment,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladyval

    My question is does anyone know what version of I Meant To is on the internet? I don't want to waste my time if it's the same as the demo CD... I hope they leave Brad just like he is!
    LadyVal!!! This is a fantastic group. I'm not sure what version is on the internet...but since you have the demo cd, I would just wait for the Sony cd to come out. IMO He will have some new songs (not on his demo) on the new cd!

    I am so bummed out cause the Nashville Star tour is NO WHERE near me! Brad will only be in his home state once, and it is in a small town! Oh, well...he will be home, eventually! Atleast I'll get to go to his big party up on Lake Martin!!!!!!

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    So glad Brad won. Yayyyyyyyyy. Hope NS3 continues to be as good as the last 2. Much better than AI talent and I am not even a big country fan like some people but love Nashville Star. Hope to see you all on the boards next season.

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    NM concert date

    I am a happy camper! Thanks Aunt Sheila for the welcome and please wish me luck. I went to Sandia Casino and she said I was the 2nd person to ask about the NS2 tour. I called them today and tickets go on sale in 2 and a half weeks. Luckily I will be going right by there that day so I can avoid the pain of ticketmaster. I told them I want front row even if my hubby has to sit up near the top in his wheelchair (he doesn't mind). Will let you all know how I make out after I get them.

    I wish we could take pictures there...I am anxious to see if they enforce the no camera rule...also waiting to see if the guys do a meet and greet after for the public. They are worth staying out here another month for...


    p.s. I listened to the demo two or 3 times on our road trip last weekend and I Meant To is really the incentive I had to get my hubby out of the house, wheelchair or not! Thanks BRAD!

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    Don't Miss Brad On Tv!

    Saturday night he will be on Grand Old Opry Live...it airs twice so don't miss it!

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    I just received Brad Cotter's demo CD last week and love it. His voice is really distinct. Ladyval where in NM do you live? If you get to see them at Sandia Casino you'll have to let us know how the show was. I'm originally from NM and have been living in Colorado for the last six years. I know Nashville Star will have the same thing at the Coors Amphitheater in Denver, but I'm not sure I want to drive there and fight the traffic. We were in Texas in April and the radio stations there play a lot of different country music that you don't hear. It was awesome. Not the same top 40. I don't listen to country stations here in Colorado Springs since they play the same top 20 songs over and over. I wish there was more to choose from.

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    Brad in NM

    hey...I am in Alamogordo...13 miles from White Sands National Monument and 7 miles from Holloman AFB. I will be getting my tickets next Friday if all goes well.

    I was happy to see Brad also on CRL right after the Opry show...

    I know what you mean about the radio...our station here hasn't played him yet but then again I only listen when I am in the car! Since they play Big and Rich I have hope!

    Oh...and I hear GAC only aired one of Brad's songs from GOOL...darn it!
    Such is LIVE TV I guess...

    I got my bradcotter.com tee shirt this week...woo hoo...I am so ready for that show!


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