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Thread: John Arthur Martinez information

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    John Arthur Martinez information


    concert review -once you are there there is a link to an interview

    There is also an interview at angrycountry.com

    jAm has a new website www.johnarthurmartinez.net , on the home page, there are links to two groups- one yahoo, one ezboard. You can also read fan club e-letters-and sign up for his fan club (free)

    Sony chose (after much negotiation) not to sign john Arthur.

    He is in negotiations with another label at the moment. The countrymusic interview above explains what jA is looking for in a label deal.

    He has played at events in Texas, Montana and Alabama, and plans to go to Calif. and Ohio this month.

    I would really like to invite all john Arthur fans to visit his web site and join some of the discussion on the groups.

    As an extra incentive--- if you ever wondered what jA looks like under those billowy western shirts and Manuel jackets..this is your chance. ..go to yahoo site and look at visionland photo album-also the angycountry.com site has the same photos..

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    Record Deal for john Arthur

    john Arthur is signing with Dualtone. Sony will do the distribution. Please check out his ez board site or yahoo site for more information.

    He continues to play dates, not only in Texas, but recently in Indiana, and this weekend in Louisiana. He opens for Charlie Robison (the ex-NS judge) Nov 1.

    WEbsite is www.johnarthurmartinez.net



    His JAM record CD's are still available to buy on his website. There are also "Armadillo Song" T shirts in kids and adult sizes (they have the lyrics to the song on the back, with an armadillo on the front)

    On his website you can sign up for his fan club (still free)

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    Good News! Dualtone Deal is final, singles are being recorded before the end of the year, to be released in early 2004. "Home Made of Stone" and the english/spanish version of "River of Love" will be on the new CD.

    john Arthur plans more extensive touring in 2004, including Canada.

    "Amor!Amor!" the mostly spanish independant JAM records CD will be available again (see jA website in Dec) and he's even added a couple of songs to it!

    Listen for jA on your radio soon!

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    Thanks for all these updates djbee! I hope John Arthur finds success.

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    john Arthur is in Nashville finishing up the recording he began in December. The first single will be "Home Made of Stone" and we hear it will be released to radio in a couple weeks. He's written a new song "Tonight at Fiesta" that is expected to be on the CD, too. (I can't wait- I have all 4 of his indie CD's- they're like potato chips, you can't have just one!) jamsternumerouno is john Arthur's board name on most boards- he communicates on several, as well as the two dedicated to jAm fans. (check his website for links- given in above posts)

    Now comes the ultimate reality challenge: the release of a song to radio. Please help john Arthur if you feel you can. Join the fan club or e-mail the address he gave in his post- either way, you'll get info on how you can help. I'm just a fan, too, but I'll try to keep this board updated if you feel it is valuable.

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