Well, seeing as how that might be the last 'Nanny 911' for a while, can someone help me..

See, I never got a chance to see the ep with the Silkirks, where they had all 3 nannies at the same time.
Can anyone tell me about this ep? In particular how it began? Like I know Lillian always says , 'Having reviewed this case I've decided that (whichever nanny it is) should go.., how did she begin this one? Did she say, 'This is a special case, all 3 of you go' or something like that...was Lillian even in it? Also, how did they introduce themselves at the begiining? Cause I know the nanny chosen always says, 'I'm Nanny (Deb, Stella, Yvonne) and I'm from (whereever she's from) and I've had (15 or 22) years of experience. How did it happen this time? Did they all one at a time introduce themselves, or what?

Also, how did they do together as a team? I know Stella and Deb get along great, but how well did they do with Yvonne?
If anyone has the answer, I'd appreciate it so much, really. I wish they would have rerun this ep, cause I missed it and it sounded so interesting!
Please someone answer this, I really want to know!!!

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