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It's not that I dislike children. I do, in fact, like spending time with children...and then sending them home to their parents, full of sugar and memories of the PG-13 action movies I let them see.

Also, I am constantly amazed that friends of mine who only a few years ago were able to make a meal out of cocktail peanuts have been allowed by Nature to reproduce.

Living in a State of Misery Missouri

With his penchant of spitting and not being very picky about what he puts in his mouth, Michael no doubt has a very good chance of being accepted into a fraternity someday.

Hot Young Nanny Yvonne could be modeling lingerie when her mobile phone rings...

(Sorry, where were we...?)

Because if Yvonne made a pun--A ha ha ha! Oh, Yvonne, you are beautiful, brilliant and witty. (Insert lovelorn sigh.)

Now, if I were the nannies, I would treat this meeting like I treat meetings at work: Shut your mouth and avoid making suggestions unless you want to get stuck with another project.

Nanny Deb tells the viewers she feels Cyndi ought to give the children more responsibility, and by giving them more responsibility, she can avoid losing her mind. I don't know where Deb's coming from because this idea has apparently never worked for my boss.

"Poop is the best" ought to be the Fox Network motto. After all, how do you explain The OC becoming part of the Fox lineup?

Cyndi can't find Kimmy's shoes, and I haven't seen a shoeless dilemma this dire since Britney Spears needed to use the restroom sans her Adidas.

So where did 12 hours go? Who knows? Fox TV people aren't big on segues, apparently.

If I were Deb, I would have taken a moment to amend the rules to include "No eating what you find in your nose," but I suppose this doesn't bother Deb like it bothers me.

That's a pretty tall order for the children since I can't fulfill any of those on weeknights...and I'm almost 31 years old.

"I can't believe she's never left them (the children) alone with a sitter," Deb muses. And, because of Nanny's Welsh accent, I can't be sure if she actually said sitter or sitar. Because if it's sitar, I understand why Cyndi wouldn't leave the children home alone with a sitar: she and Tim may come home to find them decked out in tie-dyed clothes and oversized aviator sunglasses, smoking a water bong and talking about Pink Floyd. (Yeah, yeah, that's dumb, but you try and come up with a couple jokes about this show.)

Also, visit his Web site. Go on. Tim's friend is trying to build an anti-gravity generator, and Tim wants to know if you think it's possible. Need I say more?

I haven't seen a middle-class family cry this much since they canceled Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
The sitar bit was freakin' priceless!! Great recap, phatster! Pure gold. *rubs it on teeth* Yep. Pure.

Anyway, terrific job. I laughed, I cried, I looked up the anti-gravity generator. And I believe. And the Kranks sucked rocks. Curse you for reminding me of it's horrors.