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Thread: 11/17 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by karen14
    Wow, those boys had a Big bag of candy... Was this filmed after Halloween..
    Lets hope so, but halloween was just like last week right? woops 2 weeks ago..
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    Quote Originally Posted by karen14
    These boys are horrible... I bet my mom was glad she had 4 girls and only one boy. Especially because my mom was asked on school field trips for my brothers class JUST to watch him....
    These parents think the Nanny will only teach the boys.. They are in for a rude awakening..

    Sorry, but I just had to I've been on field trips before and wished thier mothers were there!

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    Why do they so previews and then don't show the what they previewed, wasn't it going to be a different screwed up family this week?

    I can't believe anyone after living through triplets would go out and then get pregnant again.

    Actually it was kind of nice to see an episode where mom caught on first and it was dad who needed more bringing along, but all and all they both seemed to catch on pretty quick. But wow, were they both yellers. (my kids this time were sitting there saying "oh mom, she just told them to shut up" So instead of my kids looking pretty good, I was looking good to them.)

    And yes, I have been on field trips with boys like that. I've noticed their parents tend to rarely come, I think they want a break.
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    Ok, show of hands. I can't be the only one, who at the end of the show, sat watching with a quivering lower lip and teary eyes. When Nanny Deb went to say goodbye, the look on those boys faces was genuine sadness. I have to stop watching this show when I'm already emotional.
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    Speedy, you are cracking me up, waxing nostalgic about the Nanny's bittersweet departure from the household.

    I liked this episode the best. The parents (especially the mom) were receptive to the nanny's advice, and the kids seemed to "get it" too. I want to be a brother for life, dammit. *ooozes penis envy*
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    This show was emotional, as the parents (and the kids) did get it. The acting out of the kids is a cry for attention, and they got it however it was attainable. So many kids rely on the negative attention, though, because of that old adage "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." The parents were yellers; the kids were yellers. Kids really do learn by example, and a quick peek around will show you that kids quickly become unfazed to the yelling of their parents.

    Just looking at the strained expressions of the kids (and parents) when the departure of Nanny Deb was imminent, I knew it was going to be waterworks. Good for Nanny, too, showing she is very human and getting emotional. I really like her and her parenting style.

    P.S. It's not a weakness of a parent to admit they were wrong about something and say they are sorry.

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    I think this weeks show was pretty good. What I like about the nannies so far is they all stress communication,respect and consistency. I still don't know why so many parents have such a hard time with this concept ,but as soon as the nannies step in you see a big differnce in the kids behavior.I thought it was funny to hear the mother ask her son "how come when nanny Deb asks you to do something you do it ,but when I ask you you don't". It's because they respect the nanny more. Hopefully the parents will maintain what they've learned.

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