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Thread: Nanny 911 recap, The McCray Family: Arrested Development

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    Great recaps on this show L.G. Thanks for giving it all a really fun spin.

    BTW... did y'all happen to notice that Nanny Stella had a hearing aid? That was probably a great help to her as she could turn it off and block out the screams of the kids.

    The Nannies (Deb and Stella) so far have been amazing and I really have to commend them for their ability to put up with it all and still walk away. Of course (with editing and all) we don't see them walking to the corner bar to imbibe in much needed anesthesia after what they have been through. Love those Nannies!!!

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    Thanks, LG for another awesome recap! Since I missed the show, you are the only game in town!!
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    Stellar, just stellar, LG. Fantastic comedy here, although I have to award bonus points for the Family Circus reference. Now that "The Dysfunctional Family Circus" site is no more, I will take my Family Circus mockery where I can get it. Great job!

    the show with more screams per minute than the super twister roller coaster at Five Flags over You’re Crappy Parents Who Don’t Set Any Limits.

    We will have to wait a little longer to meet Nanny Yvonne (the hot young nanny), as Nanny Stella will be helping the McCrays. *click, click, click* there went our entire male viewing audience. Damn you, Fox.

    No! No!
    Ay, Carumba!
    Ayudame, Nanny Nuevecientos y Once!

    Officer, police thyself
    can tell you one thing we know about Craig, and that is this cop ain’t shooting blanks.
    Mikey is the least red-headed of the kids, but otherwise they all start to blur together.
    Probably just as well, as one of his brothers would probably view sitting in a chair as a sign of weakness and try to topple it over just for kicks.

    tough love and a great sense of humor” or rather “sense of humour” as they’re British Nannies. I jolly well wish Fox would edit this show so that we’d actually get to see Stella’s sense of humor.

    Oh yes, the Golden Rule. No, not the one that goes “He who has the gold rules!”

    Oh Stella, it is a far, far better thing than anything I’ve done before just to restrain myself from smacking both these parents upside the head for their “nothing can help, we’ve tried everything” attitude.

    Tracey continues to spout off about how stupid it would be for her to have to haul around 3 car seats. Right, like it’s smart to let your kids ride around like little projectiles in your moving car.

    1. Bring Car Seats Into the House
    2. ???
    3. Car Ride Bliss (and Big Profits $$$).

    Tracey can almost not even notice the hoard of half-naked barbarian children climbing from the chairs to the entertainment center. Why disrupt this bliss with a dreaded time-out?

    We sit down to yet another “Family Circus” dinner, only without Little Billy’s slashed line path through the entire neighborhood.
    All of a sudden, Mikey is out of his seat, running amok. That begs the question, has anyone ever walked amok. What if some young anarchist was really exhausted from chaos and mayhem and just didn’t have the energy required to “run” yet still wanted to travel amokly?
    "...Every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but...the bad things don’t always spoil the good things." - The Doctor

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    Oh man, my head hurts just reading how bad it is. I can only assume recapping this show will ensure Lil LG will be an only child forever.

    Great job LG ! Love the subtitles .

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    I think next time I am going to turn on my spanish subtitles.
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