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Thread: 11/03 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    I swear on my life..I looked over at her a couple of times and her eyes were like frying pans! I said a couple of times, "Is this making you uncomfortable? Want me to change it?" and then I explained how mean it is of me to subject her to an hour of screaming kids when she was over to GET AWAY from it! But I never did change the channel... I just HAD to see how it would end.

    You're wrong and you know your wrong. Better check to make sure she hasn't packed her bags and fled.

    Soft parents make for soft children. How does a man put up with not sleeping in the same bed as his wife for years while she sleeps in bed with the son? That's crazy.

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    I was just remembering when Nanny was telling Dad what a great job he was doing with his handling of Lil Brat's tantrum (with Hapless Mom standing nearby). His eyes lit up like a little kid waiting for his gold-star sticker reward.

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    it was rather an "in your face! yes! yes! yes!" moment for Dad there last night, as I suspect it was not the first time in the 4 1/2 years since Dylan's birth that he had suggested that perhaps Mom not NEED to sleep in Dylan's room and coddle to the kids' every whim. Dad did earn a gold star from Nanny Deb, and Deb tried not to stick it in Mom's face, but she ended up pretty much HAVING to do that to make Mom realize that it was her behavior that was encouraging the kids out of control tantrums and total control of the household.
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    Man, if they are having arguments where Dad and Mom are going back and forth cursing each other out, they need more than a nanny...they need therapy. On the whole, Dad seemed more willing to change, but since Mom equates setting boundaries with child abuse I can see why there's a lot of arguments in that household. As for him being a wimp well, we only see one part of the story. My guess is that his wife's treatment of the kids probably causes a great deal of the arguments.

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    One other thing I was thinking about after the show.. is, how is he not totally embarrassed when he goes into work?
    Seriously.. work knows prit near NOTHING about my "out-of-work" activities...let alone a verbally abusive, dysfunctional family life.
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    IMHO the mother is not sleeping in Dylan's room to be with Dylan, she is doing it to NOT be with the Dad. They don't need a nanny, they need a marriage counselor. Long term. These are not people who can be fixed in a week, much less a one hour reality show. Sad.

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    Did anyone see the previews for next week? A family that has SEVEN girls!

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    This is just my thought, but I believe Mom has a lot of hostility built up toward dad. This isn't so much of a kid issue as it is a marital issue. Clearly, she sabotages all of his parenting efforts, throwing herself between him and th children. She undermines his confidence, and his ability to be an effective parent. This isn't about the kids but about the parents. Why hasn't she slept with him in 4 years? She hasn't wanted to. There are a lot of ways to get around the mommy-don't-leave issue. I have 4 kids of my own. I'll be the first person to tell you that some kids are easy and some are NOT--I have some of each. My fear with this show is that they would line up the difficult kids, and we'd have a bunch of parents with easy kids blaming the parents when they have no idea what it is like to deal with the other kind. HOWEVER, even the difficult ones do fall asleep sometime. At which point you leave the room and go back to your bed, if that is where you want to be. So, why is she working out her marital hostility through the children? Is it because he's a jerk and we just didn't get to see that much of it? Well, where to 4 year olds learn swear words? Who is calling whom what in front of the kids? I don't know. We didn't get to see enough of that side of the relationship. I think there is something more there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marley
    Did anyone see the previews for next week? A family that has SEVEN girls!
    I saw them and I also heard the part about Doctor sending Mommie away from all of the stress.

    UGHHHHHHHHHHH :nono I don't know if I can watch. The screaming drives me nuts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snapit
    UGHHHHHHHHHHH :nono I don't know if I can watch. The screaming drives me nuts.
    Just put it on "mute" and turn on the closed captioning.

    I love shows like this. It gives me great comfort knowing there are people in the world who are waaaay more dysfunctional than I am.

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