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Thread: 11/03 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    I wonder if Fox will do an encore presentation of this show... I missed it
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    I watched out of curiosity, and kind of liked it. So many parents are like this, they think saying no to their children is cruel and unusual punishment, and the advice the nanny gave was pretty good.

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    Why? How? Who? Could watch this show. I flipped over for about 5 seconds when The Bachelor went to commercial and a kid was laying in the floor screaming his head off.
    People want to see 60 minutes of that?
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    apparently as you are now the 15th person posting in this thread, some of us watched it. I actually picked this as a writing assignment knowing that it conflicted with The Bachelor because I'd rather watch this than Byron/Aaron/Andrew/Jesse/Alex/Bob/whomever go through yet another "most dramatic rose ceremony ever" as I decided long ago that I'd much rather read the fantastic Eny and Sher recaps than watch more episode of the Bach. Hopefully even people who don't particularly want to watch this show will either 1.) read the recap or otherwise participate in this forum in a productive manner, or 2.) just leave it alone and not issue their judgment onto people who choose to watch the show.
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    I really liked this show! Compared to these kiddies my 7 and 4 yr old stepkids are angels!

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    I have a feeling that most parents who watch this show will receive affirmation that their kids are angels in comparison to whatever is on the show. I wish shows could be shown at the same time throughout time zones. Those in ET and Central see it at least an hour before the remaining time zones. That's going to make for some lonely show discussion.

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    I watched and like Mantenna said, it made me wary of having kids. But as we watched more, my husband and I deiced that there was no way either of us, being sane and of relative intelligence, could raise such horrible and spoiled children

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    Oh my God ... where to begin? I couldn't sit still nor quiet during last night's show. It made me furious!

    Shame, shame, shame on these idiotic, clueless parents for breeding again and again! Shame on them for claiming "we just don't know what we're doing" as if they're the norm and it's not their fault. Shame on them for allowing their little monsters to scream at them, at each other, cuss, hit, put feet on the kitchen table :nono (anger. rising. in. stomach. fingers. slamming. keyboard) The nanny rocks! I could seriously feel her frustration, and I totally loved her parenting techniques. I agreed wholeheartedly! Unfortunately, though, I'm sure this moronic, mentally-unstable mother went right back to her wicked ways. These kids will, no doubt, end up screwed up adults. These are the kids who OUR children encounter at school, the ones who are eating up the poor teachers' energy, the ones who teach otherwise good kids bad things. Telling your child "No" is not abuse! Children NEED structure and boundaries. What will they do when, once adults, their boss at work tells them they don't like the job they're doing? "But nobody ever tells me anything negative. It's not good for my self-esteem". I'm so sick of total lack of accountability and irresponsible parenting. I pray this show helps some parents open their eyes and make changes before it's too late. This show made me want to hug my teenagers as tight as could be.

    L.G. ~ I'm really looking forward to your recaps of this show! Thanks for taking the time to do that for us!


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    I was channel surfing and caught this show about 15-20 minutes in. Initially I side with the mom cause daddy usually don't do squat. Mommy normally, goes to work, shops, cooks, cleans and looks after the kids. No wonder she sleeps with the kid. She needs some rest.

    Remember this is my initial impression.

    Then I started to realize that mommy was blamming daddy that she was cutting him out from being a daddy cause she didn't think he could be as good a daddy as she was a mommy. Funny how nanny called her on it and she didn't like it cause how could it possibly be her fault when she had a man around the house to blame.

    During that tantrum, I wanted to hit mummy, let the kid cry. Have you never heard of discipline. Kids need structure and discipline, sure they will test it, that's what kids do. I hate the parenting style of letting kids run the show. No wonder some the kids in this country are so messed up.

    I also caught the link to Dr. Phil's show. I think this couple has some serious issues, for hubby dear to call wifey a F**k**g B*t*h in front of the kids is inexcusable. But if its because she has not slept with him for the last 4 and half years it is understandable. Still try to act like grownups these kids will model themselves after you when they have kids. What a scary thought.

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    It was sort of funny when it came on because our neighbor is a brand-spanking new mommy. She comes over to our house to get away from the baby/house/chores for about an hour a night.
    She knows how much we're into reality tv and I got her all excited about watching this.

    I swear on my life..I looked over at her a couple of times and her eyes were like frying pans! I said a couple of times, "Is this making you uncomfortable? Want me to change it?" and then I explained how mean it is of me to subject her to an hour of screaming kids when she was over to GET AWAY from it! But I never did change the channel... I just HAD to see how it would end.

    My synopsis of the family is simple.. they're pretty screwed. It's obvious that their marriage is pretty damn rocky, I mean comeon.. on your TENTH anniversary you're being counseled by a nanny???? oy vay. 4 years of no sleeping together?! The husband looked so excited that 'it might happen', and what does she do? Hangs out with Dylan til after 1 am. :rolleyes

    Anywho.. there's so many more things to say about them, but I'm starting to feel like a total bully. Also, it's not like my life is perfect... but I WILL say that if I did have kids and they were total monsters, I would not prance them on Dr. Phil and then a reality show for the world to see.
    Makes me wonder just how serious they are about "being cured".

    The 60 minutes of screaming did drive me over the edge..so I probably won't be watching again. But I WILL read your recaps LG!
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