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Thread: The Nannies

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    FORT Fogey cablejockey's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    ontario canada
    When I saw the nanny in her uniform being dispatched to the troubled family, I thought of Mary Poppins. Or the nanny on the Simpsons who doing a take off of Mary Poppins.

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    Team Choca. Brad who?! Alanna's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Lillian looks nice, Yvonne is pretty, and the other two are just freakin scary!!
    Big: You know, Manhattan has a lot of beautiful women.
    Carrie: What an amazing observation!
    Big: But the thing is, after awhile, you just wanna be with the one who makes you laugh.
    ~ Sex and the City

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    FORT Fan allmychildren's Avatar
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    My favorite nanny I like is Deb. Yvonne is the prettiest.

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    Chairman of the Bored Cruella_DeVil's Avatar
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    At Cruella's de Villa...

    Nannies on Montel

    Caught part of the Montel Williams show. Did a show on Nanny 911 and had Nanny Deb and Nanny Stella on. Spotlighted the Priores and the Rocks. Interesting to see that the Rocks have now been on Dr. Shill, Nanny 911 and MONTEL??? What next? Jerry Springer?

    Was shown on Thursday 1/6/2005

    Last edited by Cruella_DeVil; 01-07-2005 at 08:38 PM. Reason: Adding in link info to MW show - Families in Chaos

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