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Thread: FOX announces casting for "Nanny 911"

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    FOX announces casting for "Nanny 911"


    Has your tiny tot entered the terrible twos with full force? Are your once well-behaved children having wrestling matches over control of the TV remote? Do your kids refuse to eat their broccoli? Families at their wits' end: your SOS has been heard! Help is on the way from NANNY 911.

    Casting has begun for NANNY 911, a new unscripted series that follows a team of nannies armed with the dos and don'ts of child-rearing. Each nanny has a specific area of expertise, ranging from proper etiquette to controlling temper tantrums, and all are ready to help exhausted parents tackle the issues creating chaos in their home and whip their families into tip-top shape.

    NANNY 911 is looking for potential nannies and families with children between 2 and 9 years of age.

    Casting events will take place in the following cities on Saturday, Sept. 4, 2004 from 10:00 AM 5:00 PM:

    City Location

    West Nyack, NY Dave & Busters The Palisades Center Mall
    4661 Palisades Drive, 4th Floor

    San Diego, CA Hilton San Diego Mission Valley
    901 Camino del Rio South

    Orlando, FL Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa
    1900 Buena Vista Drive

    Memphis, TN Radisson Hotel Downtown Memphis
    185 Union Ave.

    Dallas, TX Hilton Suites Dallas North at the Galleria
    13402 Noel Road

    Additional information and applications can be found at www.nanny911.tv or by calling the toll-free information number, 866-488-6606.

    NANNY 911 is produced by Granada America. Bruce Toms and Paul Jackson serve as executive producers. Michael Shevloff and Gerry McKean are co-executive producers.

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    oh god, this should go over well... not.

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    Nanny 911...

    Really can't wait to see what this show has to offer as far as being able to assist actual families in crisis... Mary Poppins to the rescue??? I actually know of a family who is currently filming this right now. I really have to wonder if the 2 week filming period is really enough time for a hired Nanny to get acquainted, assess and assist a family. Then again, from what I understand, there is a substantial compensation fee paid to the family... maybe they are just doing it for the $$$???

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    Oy vey, this network really is getting desparate...btw how much do the families get paid?? Am I allowed to ask, are you allowed to say? Just curious..
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    I am an innocent reality watching bystander...

    so I guess I can say anything I want! LOL

    I hear that they are getting 20 grand to do the show. It also sounds as though they DO dress the Nanny up in a Mary Poppins style. Can't wait to see what all this show will entail and whether or not it will actually help the family in question.

    I am sure once it airs, everyone with little ones will sign up for the fame and/or the money! Maybe I should get me some shorties and sign up?????

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    My mother had a "nanny 911" on call ... her name was Grandma. I guess not all families can have their grandparents available for child rearing.

    Being on a show like this would've been shameful, even twenty years ago. Times have changed.

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    Why am I not suprised Fox is involved in this?

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    Parents today are so afraid to instill disipline.I hope these nannies can at least teach these parents how to say no to their children.

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    We need this

    My nephews can be so bad and so disrespectful sometimes to the point I find it ridiculous. Maybe I'm expecting to much, I don't know. But I'd like to see what those nannies would do.

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    *Hangs head in shame* We actually auditioned for this show. The casting director actually called me. Yes, the appearance fee is $20k with no twists, unlike Trading Spouses. Of course my wife suggested that if there was a twist, the twist would be that the nanny would actually be her mother-in-law. I guess fortunately, we were never called back for a second interview. And after watching the commercials, I can honestly say that my kids are no where near that bad. And with my luck, I would not get Nanny Yvonne for the nanny.

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