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Thread: Episode 9

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    Spoiler below:

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    Talk about the two most unqualified people making the final 2, Mike & Anette!
    This episode was probably the best. I really liked the challenge.

    I think the finale will be really, really good. I think the boss is going to be a monkey. I am so glad Fox is showing the episodes.
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    The person I thought was going to "win"
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    got eliminated.

    Yes, that was a good challenge. I liked the discloser during the end credits.

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    The chickens used during the challenge were recovered from the participants in the challenge and placed on a private farm.
    Finally next week we find out who the "boss" is. Any guesses?

    I think this show really got a bad time slot. Nobody wants to watch a show about work on a Sunday night. It reminds people of their actual job that they have to go to the next day. I think it would have had a better chance if it was shown during the weekdays.

    Wish they had more of Mr. Todd and less of his "son".

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