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Thread: Episode 7 too

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    Episode 7 too

    They have the next episode up (seven), even though not officially released:


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    Thanks FOX!

    The shows are actually pretty good -- broadcast ready with no commercials. The quality on a broadband connection is OK. All of the contestants still seem to be fooled but they are giving each other wierd looks at some of the antics Mr. Todd pulls. Episode 6 is selling art made from garbage (a note at the end says the art patrons were later informed of the source of the "art" and not charged anything). Episode 7 is producing an advertising campaign for products supposedly turned down by IOCOR (plastic surgery for the departed, a landmine security system and "Mother's Milk"--you get the idea). The advertising was judged by real agency people who were in on the joke. But they took their job seriously and picked the best campaign (in my opinion). The production values are a lot cheaper than the Apprentice, though. They didn't even make the TV commercials--just a storyboard (graphics guy was supplied).

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