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Thread: Fox Pulls Plug...Maybe

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    Fox Pulls Plug...Maybe


    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) A big, fat obnoxious dad is replacing "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss" on FOX this month.
    Starting Jan. 16, the network will air back-to-back repeats of "Family Guy" at 9 p.m. ET Sundays, replacing the low-rated "Boss" for at least the remainder of January. New episodes of the animated cult favorite will debut on the FOX later this year.

    After FOX's broadcast of the Super Bowl Feb. 6, the network's Sunday lineup may be in for some changes. Way back in May, FOX announced that starting in early 2005, "Malcolm in the Middle" would move to the 8:30 p.m. spot following "The Simpsons," pushing "Arrested Development" back to 9 p.m. "American Dad," a new 'toon from "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane that's debuting after the Super Bowl, was set to take the 9:30 slot.

    A new series, "Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show," and old reliable "King of the Hill" are slated to fill the 7 p.m. hour.
    Whether that lineup is still the plan remains to be seen. FOX may want to protect the Emmy-winning "Arrested" from competing with ABC's smash "Desperate Housewives," but if it stays at 8:30, something else would have to move.

    "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss" now joins the likes of "Playing It Straight" and "Forever Eden" on the scrap heap of unscripted FOX series whose low ratings -- in the case of "Boss," barely more than 4 million viewers per week -- led to their early cancellation. The network says those who are interested will eventually be able to see the outcome of the show.

    I'm not holding my breath on that one.
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    Oh good gravy, I hate when they do that. It was going to be the most unbelievable moment in reality tv, and they let it moulder in the can ? :rolleyes
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    But . . . but . . . who's the real boss!?

    Eh, at least Family Guy is good.

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    OK, maybe I'm not admitting this outside the FORT, but I LOVED THAT SHOW! I thought it was hysterical. Maybe I'm the only one, but I really looked forward to Sundays. I am not a happy camper now. :phhht

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    So it turns out it's on opposite this season's smash hit. Move it to a different spot and give it a chance.

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    That sucks... I know many people that enjoyed that show in real life (and I don't know too many people that would admit to watching reality TV ).

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    I am really disappointed to read this. I really liked this show and thought it was hilarious. They better show us the ending, I am dying to find out who the boss is. I am also looking forward to the reactions of the unsuspecting contestants!

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    Well POO.
    At least ... at the VERY LEAST FOX, you owe us the reveal of the BOSS.
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    To all:

    I agree on the situation, but from a business standpoint, FOX had to make that move.

    Before the season started, no one could have predicted that Desperate Housewives was going to become the hit it was, and that has screwed up a lot of schedules. "Boss" was actually very good, but the problem was, it had no chance against "DH" and Law & Order spinoff Criminal Intent, not to mention I'm sure pre-emptions in some cities for Sunday night NFL games (that air nationally on ESPN, but must air on over-the-air stations in the home markets of the teams playing).

    Saturday night would be logical except that lineup is so entrenched that it would be a risk. Perhaps Friday night might be when we could see the remaining "Boss" episodes burned off, sometime in the summer.

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    The network says those who are interested will eventually be able to see the outcome of the show.
    Translation: there will be a one-line announcement on the FOX website. "X was the winner of Obnoxious Boss and Y was the real boss."

    Add me to the :phhht contingent. I watch a lot of reality TV and I really looked forward to this show more than most. I don't understand the low ratings. People should have watched this show, and taped Housewives. Like I did.

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