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Thread: 12/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I loved the basketball part too. The guys really couldn't say that David was letting him win because the boss really had some basketball skill (not only real life experience in a European league, but he also had some really good shots in their match-up), so I'm not sure he even needed to get into David's head like that, but that was just so obnoxious, it was great. I watched this right after Survivor ended, but wonder how much that hurt its ratings last night.
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    I Tivo Housewives so I missed most of last weeks.

    The was no way I was missing the paintball episode. So I hooked up a pair of rabit ears to my kids broken tv and got to watch, with lots of static.

    Oh man. Smack talk on the court. That was to funny. I hope he gave the money back later. I'd hate to think the guys lost $500 a piece, and are humiliated on national TV.

    The paintball was great. He (that guy who looks like he's from smash-mouth) was just to funny block the paint balls.

    Why didn't one of them grab both breifcase and charge Todd and stand right in front of him? Its awfully hard to shoot around a big target right in front of you. Or better yet, grab the desk and use it as a shield?

    And whats with robert throwing the roledex? Temper temper. Reminds me of Tarik (Aka. Golfer McEnrow) from Average Joe 2
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    Whatever they're paid, it's probably not nearly enough, because this show is really abusive. I can't believe they're still taking it seriously and want to win.

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    I also taped it while watching Survivor. I wish there was some way for the ratings people to count shows that people tape/Tivo/DVR and watch later. I do it all the time when there are two or more things on at the same time.
    Anyway, loved the show this week. Too funny.

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    I taped it too! Desperate Housewives I can catch again on Saturday, and I was watching Survivor finale. I wonder how many other people taped this?

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    The paintball thing was hilarious I felt bad for a second because those things hurt. But only for a second.

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    Loved the paintball, and also hope they were refunded the $500 each, but am kinda thinking they weren't.
    Next week looks interesting, hope Mrs. NPT gets in wannabe's face. Isn't she the Same One who said "You know what looks good in this room? ME."
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kao
    I taped it too! Desperate Housewives I can catch again on Saturday, and I was watching Survivor finale. I wonder how many other people taped this?
    Add me to the list of "tapers". I don't mind taping the non-reality shows, but I like to be at FORT chatting during the reality ones. It's horrible when you have to choose, but I'm a sucker for Survivor.

    This was a great episode. Is it possible to actually pre-plan a paper jam, or was that just our good fortune? I think my new mantra will be: "Thank you. I really appreciate that." And I really think the right person went home.

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