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Thread: 11/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I thought the show was hilarious but I thought there was something missing from making it truly a weekly must see show for me. I guess I just didn't believe these people were really that smart. You never see them demonstrating their abilities. Panhandling isn't that difficult. A dumb person could very well make more money than a smart person.

    I think they should have made them do actual business tasks. Then tear them down. Kind of a build them up and tear them up sort of mentality.

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    Sorry, it was build them up and tear them down mentality. I think it's funnier knowing that these are actually smart people who are falling prey to this Boss.

    Even though he was over the top, I thought he was hilarious. My favorite line was "sometimes, the key to success is in a pile of crap." I just think they need to come up with better business tasks to take themselves more seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarron
    ??? Lots of company have Chief Operations Officers, COO's. What's the flub you are talking about?
    It's not wrong, it's just rarely used. The title is typically Chief Operating Officer or VP of Operations.
    "Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth." — George Orwell

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    I didn't think it was that good of a show. I like the concept but I didn't really like the delivery.

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    This show is Hilarous!

    My new favorite show! It is as if Mad TV spoofed The Apprentice. Loved the greedy look in all their eyes and the ways the Boss would put them down. I didnt' stop laughing through the whole show.

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    As much as I think this show is stupid, its just so funny. The beginning with the "expensive" food and drink. The boardroom, the challenger, everything. It is a nice humorical thing.
    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

    -Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kao
    If those El tracks are the ones over where I think they are, that's directly across the street practically from a police station!

    Not "Chicago's roughest neighborhood," but still kinda desolate over there, and definitely dirty. The homeless brigade goes thru there a lot.
    Where do you think it was? It was hard to see what was in the background, but I was suspicious that it was underneath where the Red & Blue Lines split apart - Wrigleyville, between Clark & Sheffield.
    I think he said it was "the worst part of Chicago" or something. Which, depending on your opinion of Cubs fans, that could be accurate.

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    It looked more like where the Red and Orange lines split apart on the Dan Ryan...around 15th and Wabash, like. There's a police station around there, and it's very desolate and creepy looking if you don't know the neighborhood well. Wrigleyville is too well lit. Plus the contestants kept going on about how nasty and creepy it was, and it's not too bad around there.

    I know they did some filming between the South Loop and East Pilsen (where there's stretches of vacant lots and old commerical buildings that haven't been converted yet) this summer, so it's not a stretch.

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    Great show! But due to FOX's airing of football on Sunday afternoons, this show may never actually start at 9 PM. Just a word to the wise.

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    This show is hilarious. The prize of sleeping on $10,000 was so funny I was And the girls thought it was going to be such a treat!
    "You don't own a TV?!? What's all your furniture pointed at?" Joey Tribianni

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