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Thread: Boss Victims

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    Boss Victims

    November 1, 2004 -- EXCLUSIVE

    MEET the 12 "brainy" suckers who fell for Fox's latest reality show gag, "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss."

    The contestants - many of whom Fox officials claim are Ivy League school graduates - were duped into thinking they had signed up to appear on a new series similar to "The Apprentice," complete with a billionaire boss running the show, a la Donald Trump.

    Instead they were treated to fake boss "Mr. N. Paul Todd," who turned out to be an actor - and the prize, a job at his (phony) company IOCOR, was just a joke. The winner of the show still managed to snag a consolation prize of $250,000.

    But along the way, the contestants were forced to participate in ridiculous tasks like trying to sell reusable toilet paper and tampons made out of twigs, nuts and berries.

    When they failed - and most did since many of the tasks were near impossible - they were fired.

    Two of the candidates are from the New Jersey, one lives in Whippany and another is from Jersey City.

    Although there's not much background information on them yet, the suckers, er, contestants are:

    * Tonia, 35, construction - San Marcos, Texas

    * Daniel, 29, finance manager - Dallas, Texas

    * Kerry, 29, director of marketing - Jersey City

    * Damian, 29, entrepreneur - Chicago

    * Michael, 34, liquor sales - Reading, Mass.

    * Elli, 26, owner of entertainment marketing company - Jacksonville, Fla.

    * Christine, 30, sales - Austin, Texas

    * David, 25, financial adviser - Atlanta

    * Annette, 24, sales - Whippany, N.J.

    * Douglas, 24, investment banker - Greenville, N.C.

    * Whitney, 26, director of outside sales - Atlanta

    * Robert, 28, mortgage broker - Middlesex, N.J.

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    Thanks for posting our first look at the contestants, AI!

    There's some variety, but there's a preponderance of sales and marketing professionals. I'm guessing they're "type one" go-getters who will look great with egg on their face.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    They're all smiling now...soon the " I've been played for a sucker "look will grace their faces.

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