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Thread: So really... What Happened?

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    So really... What Happened?

    Someone suggested piecing together the final show from the spoilers thread. Unfortunately, everyone in that thread discusses things with the actual DETAILS assumed.

    Since the recap post seems like it may never happen, it would be nice to have a thread LEFT ACTIVE (like this one) where someone could actually post their own cliff notes recap of what happened.

    Regarding the other thread being closed: Is there really something wrong with a 100% on topic post being left active in a forum with almost zero activity? In case you haven't noticed, this forum is dead. My "What Happened" thread was the only one active with new posts.

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    If you have questions about the operation of this site, please use the appropriate forum or method.

    A recap will be forthcoming. Sometimes, believe it or not, life gets in the way of volunteer obligations to a reality TV site. Either hold your horses, find someone with a tape, or find another of the many recaps on other sites to tide you over.

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