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Thread: What Happened?

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    What Happened?

    Didn't this show end 3 days ago?

    Is there a recap for the finale?

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    I PM'ed Bumpkin yesterday asking the same question,
    This was her response,

    Re: Recap of finale?


    We do try to get these up quickly, but sometimes real-life gets in the way of our best intentions!

    We should get it up soon ....
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    Can anyone who watched the finale share what happened?

    My wife and I watched 1 episode of this and hated it. We are getting a little bored with the fact that Reality TV shows are trying to be more cruel than the last, rather than thing of an interesting twist.

    However, I can't resist being curious about the result and what sorts of final twists there were (if any).

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    You can wait for a detailed recap, or you can piece the finale together through the show's spoiler thread for that night.
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