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Thread: Emmy for best Shakespearean Reality Show

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    Emmy for best Shakespearean Reality Show

    Why an Emmy? I feel this show went beyond the regular scheme of elimination reality shows and presented Shakespearean possibilities that were abosolutely realized in the participation of the Coy family and in Steve's delicious performance.
    I have not enjoyed television so much in a long time and I loved watching these two and everyone in the show.
    The show took us into a family's emotional pain that revealed each members strengths and weakness and was intensely human-- beyond simple entertainment value. . . it was a journey of risk and change and challenge that I wanted to see through. I was in some kind of glow when the end credits were running, affected with the profundity of what the Coy family was and is. Though my family structure is different as a single parent of teens, their family presents a role model for my family and particularly for me as a parent. I dont even see my neighbors or townsmen as clearly as I could see the Coys.
    Steve was eloquent, heartful and not without joy in his admissions of truth in the last episode. The ending was stunning and made me realize, we all wish for a little less obnoxiousness in life, whatever that may be to us.

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    Bring on the recap P-L-E-A-S-E

    Due to a tragic TIVO mishap, I missed the big ending. Waiting with baited breath for the fantastic recap I can count on from this wonderful site. Thanks ever so..Holly

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    akmediascope, we hope you'll enjoy the FORT

    Holly, I sent the recap off to my partner LG this afternoon and we hope to have it up tomorrow sometime.

    to your Tivo

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