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Thread: 2/23 Show Discussion Thread (*SPOILERS*)

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    Quote Originally Posted by flappergirl
    I feel bad about what I said about the Family. I thought they were stuck up. But Watched the tape of the show again. And I think the Family REALLY Loves & Cared for her. About the Kilts. The Mom said it was there Heiratage So I think they much have had them for awhile. Maybe they visted Scotland at one point or ordered them way before the Marriage. We do have Scottish Games ect in the US. I Just Hope STEVE has recieved & will do more HE WAS GREAT......... GREAT ACTOR....... Wish we would have seen his wife.

    Not to nit pick, but if they had them for awhile, why would they bring them? They didn't know Randi was going to marry Steve until after they got there, so they would not have known to bring them. I think the tux shop must have had them, or FOX had to have bent over backwards to get them somehow.

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    Without breaking this down into a huge political discussion, starting in the 1600s there were large numbers of Scottish immigrants to Ireland, and there decesndants in this country and ireland tend to be the lads you see in kilts....

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