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Thread: 2/23 Show Discussion Thread (*SPOILERS*)

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    I loved it when Randi's father said he stuck around because everybody else had cut and run, and he wasn't going to leave her there by herself.

    I'm sure he must've been ticked (I would've been, too!), but when all was said and done, that was his daughter, his baby, and he wasn't going to leave her.

    Gotta give the man props for that!

    I betcha she caught hell from all of 'em when they got back home, though, money or not!

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    Did anyone else notice that Randi was kind of crying on key? I know there was editing done, but it just seemed to me that she wasn't all that upset that her family was as hurt as they were. JMO
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    This is probably a stupid question, and I'd probably know this if I had watched the whole series and not just the final episode.. But I was wondering why Steve not saying "I do" is considered a twist? We knew they weren't going to get married... Was it a twist because the joke wasn't exposed more privately?
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    Well I think it is great that they all stayed for the wedding,that just proves that they would stand by her for anything.
    Being a mother ,I do not think I would have run away if my daughter was standing on an alter crying on national TV!!!I would have run right up to her to hold her and wisk her away.I guess that she was just too embarassed.
    I still liked the show very much ,but the ending could have been more lively.At least they got a cool million.

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    My thoughts on the last show:
    Very anti climatic. Pretty drawn out. I did cry at the end though (hate to admit it) but I always cry when I see someone else cry
    I hope Steve earned as much as Randi did for his hard work. I don't think he realized how serious it would get also.
    500,000 isn't that much- she isn't set for life, but I am glad she and her family got it. They did stick by her and I think that does say a lot for a family.
    Was glad that no one in her family was in on it.
    Randi DID do it for the money- she has said that all along, so why bash her for it? For her and her family. She almost quit a few times.
    I do feel sorry for the family though- it was painful to watch them and their tantrums, and I don't know if I could do that to my family no matter how much money I was getting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JunkieGirl
    the most important thing is they DO love and care for one another.
    That's what I thought the great thing was about it! Yeah, yeah, they may be a little tight-assed, but, gee, if you could see MY dysfunctional family... And, I guarantee they would not be there for me!

    What I learned from watching this show---my family doesn't really love each other....

    Glad somebody's does!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenders
    I really hope FOX made another show like this before this one aired.
    I hope so too but only with Steve playing the fiance again, anyone else in the role wouldn't seem right.

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    I agree. It did seem like she cried on key. IT was like she was happy until she was suppose to cry. The ending seemed a little too fake to me.
    I think by then, they were told about the show. The way the father stayed there. Then after money was announced, THEY all changed their tones.
    I want like a reunion episode or something. They didn't give me enough post show info

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madeira
    What I learned from watching this show---my family doesn't really love each other....

    Glad somebody's does!
    awww Madeira!! Don't feel bad...dysfunctional is actually "fun" with alot of other letters around it! Every family has it's quirks.

    The ending was alright..I guess. But I thought it could have ended a bit more "dramatic"... but, I think (as Steve said) that it was all changed at the last minute because the family was really losing it.
    It was funny how Randi was going on telling each member of her family what she was planning for them to do with 250K. Pat..move out. Bobby..college. Mel...I can't remember. Parents...financial security. Did anyone else see the mom elbow the dad when she said that!? The mom was like.."What?! How embarrassing for us to insinuate on national television that we're NOT financially stable!!" I probably would have been bugged too.
    She had some high hopes for everyone..whether it could be done on 250K is another story.

    Why was the minister standing with his BACK to the audience!? That bothered me...any minister (outside where it's hard to hear..especially in the RAIN) should be FACING the congregation.

    One of the things that I heard that cracked me up ALOT...when Randi's friend (can't remember her name) said, "::sniff:: And Steve..I liked him. His family..I liked them".. YEAHHHHhhh rightttttttttt!!!!!!!!

    This show was "ok".. scale from 1 to 10 (10 as being best) I rate it 6 1/2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnyone
    My thoughts on the last show:
    Very anti climatic. Pretty drawn out.
    ... I am glad ... her family ... did stick by her and I think that does say a lot for a family.
    Awww ... I'm disappointed that I had predicted that the ending would be anti-climactic and that Randi and her family would EACH get $500K. I was right on the money. I was hoping for some truly dramatic and entertaining twists, instead of the uncomfortable voyeur-fest into family torture that was the last two episodes.
    I think that a major factor in helping the Coy family compromise themselves was the simple fact that they were in a huge mansion in California, with camera crews and directors and sound engineers following them around all day and attaching microphones to them. That would take you OUT of your "natural behavior" as you are constantly aware that your actions and comments are being RECORDED for broadcast on NATIONAL TELEVISION.
    I would think that if Randi was marrying an obnoxious lout in Colorado that they WOULD have either prevented it, or boycotted it, or at the very least objected to the wedding during the ceremony.

    I'm glad they didn't stretch it out for 2 hours, a la Joe Millionnaire.

    Next up, my big fat obnoxious midget ex-con fiance ...
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