From the Fox big fat website:

Steve’s Responses

1) Laurie from Lomita, CA: Hi Steve. We know you're an actor. What shows or commercials have you done?

Laurie- I have had the pleasure of performing roles on such shows as; Will & Grace, Becker, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to name a few... also, I have done commercials for Coors light, Dawn dishwashing soap, Dremmel tools and of course, Hungryman TV Dinners.

2) Teresa from McKinney, TX: You seem to be a natural at this, are you quite the jokester in real life?

Teresa- I like to think I'm a funny guy in real life... I don't do a lot of practical jokes, really. But, I have a pretty quick wit and make a lot of jokes.

3) Mike from London, CANADA: Steve, how true-to-life is the TV version of Randi? Certainly, creative editing has made her look worse than she must be.

Mike- Randi is a great person who was put under tremendous pressure... these pressures naturally brought out extreme reactions from her. I think most people would find her to be a very pleasant person to be around under normal circumstances.

4) Nick from Gaithersburg, MD: Dude, the funniest reality show, and the most entertaining. She's great! You make playing the part look very natural. I have to wonder how long you have been acting and where you went to school?

Nick- I have been acting since I was in high school... so, about 15 years. I am a graduate of American Conservatory Theatre's Advanced Training Program. If you want to learn more about A.C.T., check out their website,

5) Jill from Grand Rapids, MI: If Randi's parents are really unaware of what's going on, how is it that the cameras were at their house when Randi called to invite them to the mansion?

Jill- Randi was taken from her family over two weeks before we started filming our show. During that time she was not allowed to contact her family in any way. The Coys were then told that Randi was filming a reality show during that time. Actually Randi was hanging out in a hotel in Hollywood, waiting for the real show to start filming. When our real show started the Coy's were then told that the 'fake' show was finished and that the producers wanted some 'follow up' footage to make a special episode. Make sense?