this is my story:

I’m living in Germany and was on vacation in Florida during January. One evening in a hotel room, my girlfriend & me were able to watch the first episode of “My big fat obnoxious fiance”. We immediately got hooked because this was really funny and far better than all those other lame reality tv shows we knew from Germany.

Unfortunately, a few days later our vacation was over and we had to fly back home to Germany.

Now we’re missing Steve and Randi and would love to watch how the story continues. Of course we could read the recaps but that wouldn’t be the same.

So here comes my request:

Has anybody recorded all 6 episodes of the show and would be wiling to do copies for me ? No matter what media (VHS, VCD, DVD …), I can handle it (this includes US NTSC system).

I assure you that this is a 100 % private fan request and I’m gladly willing to cover all costs for the copies and the postage.

If you can help, please mail to me at joeycoco@gmx.de

Thanks a lot !!!