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Thread: 02/09 Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Reading your thoughts
    I don't get the Moose joke? Why be a Moose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    Yes! Steve laying on the road was the funniest moment of that episode! I was laughing hard! But...I must say, I absolutely LOVE the sister!! Everytime she gets talking it's such randomness, I about pee in my mother in law's bed!
    I thought it was great how she got "blotto" and went on and on about death, and how she can't wait to be in the cold ground, that she CAN'T feel...cause she's DEAD!! That's why she's gonna live everyday to the fullest!!!
    She kills me! LOL -pun intended-
    Maveno, You go Girl....... I agree with you 100% in All you said.
    I Can't believe how ***COLD*** & UN_careing she was to him when he was on the road. Most people would say, Are you OK. Are you OK, are you sure, can I do something, I Would do this in a Drop of a Hat for a Stranger, She's knows him & Still she was COLD.......... She doesn't rate well in my BOOK......... I LOVE THIS SHOW.......... Can't wait for next week, But also DON'T want it to end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noreen
    I don't get the Moose joke? Why be a Moose?
    Steve was doing a moose impression. He raised his shirt and put his thumbs along side his chest and spread his fingers out like antlers and was saying "I am a moose." It was hilarious.

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    And his torso would be the big ol' moose schnoz, and his nipples the eyes.

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    This show is wrong on so many levels. Yes, it's funny but very very disturbing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superfly
    This show is wrong on so many levels. Yes, it's funny but very very disturbing.
    You are right!
    I was thinking about when Joe Shmoe started to get upset and cry,the producers were stunned and considered stopping the show. I do not see that concern for this girl at all ,she is really being hurt in the wedding show previews.
    Even if it turns out that SHE is the JOAN SMOE of the whole show...it is still cruel. Otherwise I like the show,but not the crying part.

    I am not afraid of dying....I just don't want to be there when it happens!

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