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The reason the cameras were there is pretty self-explanatory (if you have ever watched any Reality TV before).

She was on a Reality Show (that's what her parents think), so when the "show" comes knocking on the door, I'm sure they expected it. The phone call was probably expected by the parents, but perhaps the producers didn't tell them who would be calling (but I'm sure the folks knew it was Randi). All the shots of the family sitting around and doing dishes, etc are most likely staged (producer says to family..."We need some "family doing stuff" shots). The producers knew when Randi was going to call, so they set up at the parents house in advance. Hasn't anyone ever seen "the family get the phone call" before?

Nobody questioned why a camera-man was sitting in the passenger seat of the car when the dad was driving to the airport. Isn't that more curious? I mean, the family wouldn't mind a few shots at the house during the phone call, but wouldn't they be wondering why this camera-man is going for the drive to the airport?

I'm sure everything was explained to the family beforehand, under the guise that it's all for the "show Randi is on".....which is true. I think the family is in shock as it. This is even before they meet Steve.

Ding ding we have a winner! Not too hard to figure out though, many reality dating shows have the whole parents reaction included, like "married by america", many others have follow-up shows, like "the bachelorette".... It wouldn't be too hard to convice the parents that they wanted thier reaction as part of the show, follow-up show, or whatever.