Thanks for a great recap, LG and Bumpkin. I love your bantering style.

LG: This bit of absurdity is probably a good place to define ‘real people’ – like caterers, wedding planners and formal wear salespersons. Not the apparently ‘unreal people’ that Randi had already been planning to fool, like her own family and friends.

By now I’m wondering which of the two is really the obnoxious one reflected in the show’s title.
LG, are you keeping track here? Uptight, anal retentive and … dare we say frigid?

LG: Colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra in January, but let’s hear the ice queen out.
Which lasts till lunchtime when Steve makes paper Madonna boobs out of a napkin. There’s something you won’t find in any of Martha Stewart’s how-to books.

LG: Maybe it will be in some of Martha’s new line of self-help books, from the orange jumpsuit collection. You know: “How to make your jail cell more homey and cheery” and “Home gardening for the weeds that are growing in the cracks in the asphalt on the basketball court in the prison work out grounds.”
Then Steve confesses, “Sometimes I come home from work, I fell like I’d just like to have some(thing pixilated).” Reflexively, Randi’s mouth dropped open. Then she thought the better of it.

The therapist again rides to the rescue, suggesting to Steve, “Nine times out of ten if you package that correctly, you can get your partner to comply.” See fellas, it’s just not “packaged correctly.” Now you know.

LG: He, he, the sex therapist said “package”, he he he. Sorry, I was channeling Beavis and Butthead for a minute there.