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Thread: Reality TV Has Reached "Truly Funny"

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    I kinda feel bad for Randi cuz I wouldn't want this trick being played on me, but at the same I don't because she DID sign up for it and wants the money. She deserves what she gets.

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    I don't feel bad for Randi, he is not causing her harm, just a little embarrestment (ok a lot of embarrestment) but so far I think the show is a riot and remember when you tell one lie how it leads to other lies, and greed is her motive. Love this show.

    Oh yeah, and the friends and parents, what, they can't take a harmless joke, they have already been informed it's reality TV, what part don't they get?

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    The only other show on TV that has me gasping for breath is Curb Your Enthusiasm. For network TV, there IS nothing funnier on at the moment.

    I love this show. I do sometimes go back and forth feeling sorry for the family, but I gaurantee that when this is all over and Randi walks away with the money, they'll be thrilled. They'll be able to rub out the tensions as they roll around in all that money.

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    Personally, I hope they don't get the money. This family can't trust their own daughter to make a decision, and who she marries is her decision- not her families. That is what bugs me about them. Yes, we know it is a joke, but they don't, and under normal circumstances they would act the same way. They don't have the right to choose her husband, and pity the poor man who actually wants to marry her someday!

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    Honestly. If my brother started "going off" on me about who I was going to marry...I wouldn't want him at the wedding then. Screw you already...it's my life! The overly angry brother really is tweaking my nerves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maksoap
    TV Executives wake up and take note...This is Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hat off to the creative genius who coughed up this idea. As far as I'm concerned, this is the only program I'll drop everything to watch. Please, please do another one when this is done!!!!!!!!!!
    I AGREE........................1 00% WITH YOU.............

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    Quote Originally Posted by Threshold
    I disagree. I think this is cruelty, not humor.

    I actually was excited for this show when it was just being promoted. Watching it, however, it just looks like constant abuse.

    Whenever the poor girl looks like she is so demolished that she wants to quit, they tell the actor to change his act to suck her back in.

    Reality TV shows are interesting, but just torturing someone as much as possible is wrong.

    I'm getting sick of cruelty being the "twist" in a show.
    It's not like she did not know what she was in for... plus... she can be such a female dog.... Saying things like "look at him... my family will know that I would not date someone like him" How superficial can she be. She's not all that herself!

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