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Thread: 01/26 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    lol loved the sugar lips part. randy kinda gets on my nerves though, she thinks she so above him. loved it when they went to the sex therapist.

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    Well, Randi seems to be a decent liar - she said all the right things to her friend. But she's a pathetic actress - I haven't seen her do a single thing in front of people that would make them think she's in love with Steve. One of the first things she said tonight was "There's a million dollars at stake, I have to step up." But then she spends all her time looking at him like he's from another planet. She didn't even comfort him when he was 'crying'. A blind man would be able to figure out this isn't real.

    Of course I'm loving the show more than ever! Steve is my new hero.

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    Did anyone else catch it when Randi said to her visiting friend, "You know the kind of guy I'm supposed to bring home." This is a grown woman who is supposed to bring home a certain kind of guy? I think the producers knew exactly what they were doing in casting Randi for this part.

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    I wonder if Randi's family will suspect something's up and let her go through with the ceremony because most reality shows have a prize at stake. If they are such a close family, they would have to see through her lies but wonder why she would lie about something like this. Steve doesn't even know her and can tell when she's annoyed and uncomfortable, how won't her family be able to notice that. She proved to not be that good of an actress with the wedding planners.

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    Snowbie: isn't the 'story' for her family that she met Steve & fell in love w/ him while they were on location at a reality show?? If so, then the reality show part (supposedly) would be over by the time she brings him home to her family.
    No matter what, it is going to get GOOD when she brings him home to mom & dad I can't wait til next week.

    I really like your avator; Lulu was so fabulous, gotta love her movies!
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    I replayed part of this episode tonight with the closed captioning on, to see if I could figure out what they bleeped at the meeting with the sex therapist. No luck, it just said "bleep". However, something interesting happened earlier in that conversation.

    The therapist asked for an example of their perfect romantic evening. Steve said: "I would love to go camping or out on a beach somewhere, where we can just get crazy and not worry about other people hearing us. You can just get animal-like or whatever." And then there was a brief period of silence. My closed captioning reported this word for word, but during the moment of silence the caption read: " 'Cause this one - she's a screamer - you know?"

    Freaky. Why would FOX blank out a line? And does this mean I have to watch all future episodes with the CC on?

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    Got to say that I was pretty disappointed in yesterday's effort. Just enjoyed the premiere a lot more when it was basically fun to see the girl who signed up for this reality show get hit with these various surprises. This episode (and I'm sure the ones to follow) have more of a feel of a practical joke that goes on for too long. And it's moving on to the more innocent folks (the family and friends).
    I guess the blame could go to Randi herself, but I think she got in thinking this would simply be a fun deception for a lot of money. And then the screws keep getting tighter.
    From the sounds of it, it seems like a lot of people are enjoying this, but for me it's like watching an animal get tortured. I'll probably tune in to American Idol or the Apprentice instead. I guess I just like to feel that there is some redeeming quality in what I'm watching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zcofnnu
    ... for me it's like watching an animal get tortured.
    I agree ... I'm not nearly as comfortable watching this as I was for the Joe Schmo Show. So far it is just mean-spirited. I think the introduction of Steve's family will be good for a laugh, but the previews so far are just showing people getting mad and crying as they believe their precious girl is throwing away her future.

    I'm sure they will all get rewarded in the end, but the show needs to turn a corner and show some compassion.

    With The Joe Schmo Show, as soon as the prodicers and cast thought they were harming the "victim" emotionally, they all pulled back and protected "Joe Schmo" while maintaining and increasing the entertainment factor for the balance of the prank.

    If Randi winds up alienating her family and throwing away her career as a teacher and loses out on the money they are dangling for her like a carrot on a string, then the show will have just been a mean version of the Joe Schmo Show.

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