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Thread: What Happens if we didnt think he was an actor?

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    Randi gets no sympathy from me, she put herself in this situation to make money playing a prank on people she loves, and in turn she is having a prank played on her by a stranger.

    Which is worse? IMHO Randi playing a prank about getting married on her family is worse than Fox setting her up with an actor. I'm kinda hoping when it's all over her family points out that she set out to hurt them (because she does hurt them, and it's obvious from the clips and what Randi states about her family that she knew in advance that it would) and instead she got she deserved.

    I think the show is hilarious to watch, turnabout is fair play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haibane
    I think the show would be funnier if he was a real guy. Imagine seeing a real clueless loser try VERY HARD to convince Randi's parents. That's funny.

    But now, when I see the guy being obnoxious, all I see is bad acting. The only spontaneous element is Randi, and she ain't that fun to watch.
    Have to respectfully disagree. It might be funny in a different way, but the way they have it set up is absolutely hysterical. I also think Steve is doing a fine job -- he's so over the top, she doesn't seem to suspect a thing.

    I can't remember when I've ever laughed so hard watching network TV. The hot tub scene was the best -- the sister doing the deadman's float would have been funny enough, but when the dad got naked and commented, "One of these jets is treating me like a prom date," I thought I was going to wet myself...

    I might have a different take on it if Randi and her clan didn't seem so hauty and holier-than-thou, but as it is, I can't get enough!

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    Great post, toasty.

    In the show discussion thread last night, we discussed a "MBFOF Two" because this one is so screamingly funny.

    But part of the chemistry that is at work here has a lot to do with Randi's personality, her high regard for herself and her complete disgust with Steve.

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