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A reality show gem

By Randall Smith | Orlando CityBeat Writer
Posted January 21, 2004

Talk about a big, fat, obnoxious but hilarious reality show

My love for bad karaoke led me to watch the first episode of American Idol the other night. But the real gem came when Idol ended. My Big Fat Obnoxious FiancÚ is hands down the most hilarious reality show ever made. This show had me laughing so hard that I doubled up and knocked my forehead against my knees.

The premise of the show is that a young, hot, single girl must convince her family that she has been playing a TV reality show for the previous fortnight and fell in love with one of the contestants. She then drops the bomb that she is engaged to be married to him in the next two weeks. If she can get her whole family to attend the ceremony, she'll walk away with $250,000.

At first the young contestant, a first grade teacher named Randi, believes that she has to pick one of a dozen handsome model-looking male contestants to be her new fiance and she then picks three from this crowd of would-be suitors. Then comes the punch line. Much to her dismay she will instead be paired up with a large, overweight buffoon named Steve who is actually an actor paid to play the big fat obnoxious fiancÚ. He is very convincing in his part as a similar contestant out to win the money for the wedding. The show's only real contestant -- Randi -- has no idea that he is an actor.

So Randi and Steve are sent off to live in a mansion for a couple of weeks to get to know each other and prepare for the wedding. The house is incredible and all their food is prepared for them. Unfortunately, Randi can't enjoy it as she watches Steve in sheer disgust while he gorges and swills. She soon realizes that this contest is going to be tough but the audience knows it's going to be real entertaining.

Also, much to our amusement, the couple is supposed to go on dates together. Their first date is at a day spa. This is where the fun begins. Imagine a luxurious day spa where you get side by side full body massages with the one you love. Sounds nice, right? While enjoying the massage, Steve begins lustfully moaning and groaning. Randi's comments and facial expressions are funny. When the couple returns to the changing room, Steve decides that it would be a good idea for Randi to see him naked and drops his robe and begins to dance around in his undies. Randi will not come out of the changing room to see and I am helplessly crying with laughter at this point.

Randi is genuinely kind and considerate of Steve's feelings and repeatedly attempts to help correct his behavior in the most gingerly manner. Steve's sophomoric humor is only mildly funny in and of itself, but this would not be enough to even get this show on the air. The real comedy lies within Randi's facial contorting, cringing, wincing, grimacing, crying, scowling and glaring. Her reactions to Steve are priceless and is what makes the show for the audience. This is a must-see for anyone with the slightest sense of humor.,7522044.story