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Thread: HOW can Randi not know hes an actor???

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    I think Steve is pretty convincing. Like Blue Meanie said, there are plenty of real-life Steves out there (and I think what makes this show funny and popular with many men is that Steve acts the way a lot of guys would like to if they felt they could get away with it).

    Now, I don't know how Randi couldn't figure out that Steve's family was not acting, because I think they were a little too over-the-top. The sister was totally unconvincing to me (just a bad actress, reminiscent of "Joe Schmo"), and the father took it a bit too far too. I think the mother was outrageous but kept her tone within the bounds of credulity. That said, I still think they were completely hilarious, and tonight's show was yet another knee-slapper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rag133
    I watched this show last night, thought it was hilarious. BUT she thinks hes in it like she is for $$, if they get married, he gets $$ like her. If thats the case, WHY would he act like that, basically just annoying her all the time. Its pretty obvious that hes trying to sabotage things, if he was really going to get $500k like she is I think hed just do all he can to make it work...just seems kinda fake to me that she couldn't figure out hes just an actor....

    But damn its funny.
    Yeah, I have many suspicions about this show but it is hilarious! Last week I was literally on the floor laughing with aching sides! Steve's "family" is a hoot!

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    He's actually in a Hungry Man frozen dinner commercial that's been on TV for a while. Never realized it was him until I saw it this morning. I wonder what would have happened if she saw it while the show was being taped.

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    During the first show he says that he was hired to make her experience as miserable as possible. So yes, he was paid to sabotage everything. And does a great job! He acts normal to give her a sense of security and then does a 180 in front of everyone else. It's hilarious!!!

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