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Thread: Who is going to be the most upset?

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    Definitly Mom

    I'm picking her Mom. I haven't seen the show yet, but as a dad I can honestly say from what I've seen in the trailers for this show, I'd mortgage the house and have the guy wacked and be done with it.

    Her mom however has spend 20+ years planning and dreaming about her little girl getting married. Her dreams have been crushed flatter then a twinkie in Rush Limbaughs back pocket. I give her 2, maybe 3 episodes before she's gulping the prozac like skittles.
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    I have to agree, her Mom is going to be devastated.

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    Toss up. The previews show her mother, her father, and a brother being extremely unhappy with all this. I think it will be her mother who is the most upset though.

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    I think we're all missing a major issue here for both parents now that I think about it. They're both probably already looking into the future and seeing what thier GRANDCHILDREN will look and act like. Probably the first time in recorded history the a set of parents are actually praying thier daughter is infertile!!

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