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Thread: Rediscovering Classics / Music Memories

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    Re: Rediscovering Classics / Music Memories

    I reckon most everyone has heard this song by a few folks. How many have heard the original? This version debuted at #87 on October 6, 1960.

    Stay – Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs

    Maurice wrote the song himself. It was his very 1st chart hit & it will go all the way to #1, it stays there for just a week, but it still becomes the 18th biggest hit of the year. The song gets to #3 on the R&B Chart. The Four Seasons will hit #16 in 1964 & Jackson Browne goes to 20 in 1978 with their versions.

    This was the only Top 40 hit for the group, but Maurice had written the song Little Darlin which was a #2 for The Diamonds back in 1957.

    The Zodiacs used to record under the name of The Gladiolas & they had a #41 hit with Little Darlin. The Gladiolas after finishing high school were on the road when their station wagon broke down in Bluefield, West Virginia. The band came across a British-built Ford car known as the Zodiac (a 'luxury' version of the Ford Zephyr built in Britain, Australia and New Zealand) and changed their name.

    The group was from Lancaster South Carolina. The Zodiacs were Wiley Bennett, Henry Gaston, Charles Thomas, Albert Hill, & Willie Morrow.


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    Re: Rediscovering Classics / Music Memories

    I'll continue talking to myself I reckon, but just in case:

    Here are a couple of songs that will become pretty famous in future years, but the original version of both of them hit the charts for the first time on October 31, 1960...Halloween Day!

    This one began life at #94.

    You’re Sixteen – Johnny Burnette

    This song will eventually chart twice & both versions will make it to the Top 10. Johnny gets all the way to #8 & then Ringo goes to #1 when he releases it in 1974. The song was written by brothers Richard & Robert Sherman.

    The Sherman Brothers wrote a lot of songs for Annette Funnicelo but are also famous for writing the Disney classics "Supercalifragilisticexpialidoc ious" and "It's A Small World."
    The song found its way to Johnny Burnette after the Sherman Brothers asked his brother, Dorsey, to sing the demo. Dorsey and Johnny were both rockabilly singers; "You're Sixteen" was Johnny's biggest hit, reaching #8 US and #3 UK.


    And this one started out at #63.

    He Don’t Love You Like I Love You– Jerry Butler

    This was the first of three versions of this song to eventually chart. Jerry gets his version to #7 on the Pop Chart & it spends seven weeks at #1 on the R&B Chart. Jerry released the song under the title of He Will Break Your Heart. The Righteous Brothers release it in 1966 but they stall out at 91, the biggest of them all happens in 1975 for Tony Orlando & Dawn as they get it to #1. Jerry co – wrote this song with the assistance of Calvin Carter & Curtis Mayfield. Curtis sings harmony & plays the guitar on the single.

    Nicolas Cage performed the Jerry Butler version of this song in Peggy Sue Got Married (1986).

    The song "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam shares the same first three lines of its first verse with the chorus of "He Will Break Your Heart."

    Dolly Parton covered the song in 1984, retaining the Orlando and Dawn retitling, though changing the gender to "She Don't Love You". She included the song on The Great Pretender, an album of covers of early rock and roll hits.


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